Clearly this Pucci dress was designed with actress Joy Bryant in mind. The dress is a study of abstract lines and angles amid a burst of pastel colors framed by Joy’s classic beauty and model shape.

Christina Aguilera, on the other hand, looks like a Biker Barbie with her bottle blond hair and shocking pink lip gloss clashing wildly with the colors in her Pucci. She paired the dress with purple Yves St. Laurent platform heels and black pleather leggings with disastrous results.

Christina has neither the style nor sophistication to make this look work.

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After mounting pressure from the media, bloggers, and anxious ticket holders, Janet Jackson finally broke her silence to ensure fans that her tour was still on.

Jackson left a brief message on telling fans she felt well enough to resume her Rock Witchu tour in DC tonight.

A Jackson rep told Et Online that Janet suffered from “a rare form of migraine headache called vestibular migraine, which induces the sensation of vertigo.

In a 53-second message posted last night (10/14) on, Janet said:

“I know you guys have been hearing a lotta, lotta rumors… [that] the tour’s been canceled. None of that’s true. I’m actually rolling into DC right now to do my first show coming back. I feel a lot better and I want to thank all of you. I really do appreciate the love and the support. And once again, don’t believe anything that you hear and you read. The tour is still on.”

This comes as welcome news to Janet’s hard core fans who bought tickets to Janet’s shows not knowing whether Janet would show up.

Janet has the best fans who remain loyal no matter how badly she treats them. She canceled eight shows since being stricken with a mystery ailment at a sound check in Montreal last month.

The string of cancellations led to rampant speculation that Janet was pregnant.

Thanks to loyal readers Jamie, Corey and Simply Me for the tips!

Remember the very flamboyant (read: gay) hairdresser on Real Housewives of Atlanta who tended to Sheree Whitfield’s weave? Well, his name is Lawrence and he and Sheree share the same publicist.

I know how much publicists cost these days so I would feel badly if I didn’t help them out by posting this. Plus I know Lawrence from way back when he used to do hair at Nseya salon. Back when he had a lot more clients than he has now.

Well, Lawrence is passing hisself off as Sheree Whitfield’s “new BFF” — which is an oxymoron since Sheree has no friends.

But when you have two people as desperate for attention as these two are, they might as well combine their resources, right?

You can meet Sheree and Lawrence at the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ Exclusive party at Luckie Food Lounge tomorrow night. Doors open at 10 PM. Ladies free until 11 PM.

Shout out to Hannah (MusicBusinessPolitics) and Botchey (Botchey Ent.), promoters of the very successful Investment Club nights at Luckie every Wednesday night.

I tend to ignore rumors that don’t interest me like the blog talk about Gabrielle Union creeping with NBA baller Dwyane Wade.

I don’t care whose neck Gabrielle Union’s legs are currently wrapped around. I don’t care if she was spotted sitting behind the Miami Heat bench in Paris, France. This should not be news.

Remember when she talked all that smack about gossiping bloggers? How about not giving bloggers anything to gossip about, Gabby?

The point being: Gabrielle Union is and always has been a slut! Bless her heart, but she can’t resist luring another woman’s man into her bed. It’s the ultimate challenge for her. That’s why she has no friends left.

I’m wondering how Gabby’s former flame Chaka Zulu (Luda’s manager) is taking the news. Is he crying in his Patron or laughing his azz off?

By the way, I hope Siovaughn takes D Wade to the cleaners. He’s too dumb to keep a smart, sensible woman like her.


This has to be the easiest job in the world for a paparazzi. Your assignment: follow tennis superstar Serena Williams everywhere and get pics of her doing anything! Here, Serena (and her BFF Common) spend a day at the beach. Serena’s body is a marvel of modern medicine and genetics. No chemicals or silicone enhancements there. Even her cellulite looks good!

Photos: Splash News Online

Photo courtesy of JJ

According to Atlanta’s ratings leader V-103, Janet Jackson’s Rock Witchu Tour has been canceled!

Janet’s tour had been plagued by cancellations since Janet complained of dizziness at a sound check in Montreal last month and had to be rushed to a hospital.

Her management and tour promoter are sticking to their stories that Janet is sick and under a doctor’s care. But critics point to the fact that Janet was released from the hospital only two hours after she was admitted to the ER — not enough time for her to be treated for anything serious.

Some bloggers, myself included, don’t believe Janet is sick at all. It’s more likely that Janet is loving the attention she’s getting from all these cancellations. This is probably more attention than Janet has received in a long time.

Other bloggers are speculating that Janet is pregnant. Even if she was pregnant — which she isn’t — it’s kind of early to be rushing to the hospital and canceling shows when she isn’t even showing. We wish those clueless rumor mongers would find something else better to do with their time.

The news of the cancellation comes on the heels of two more cancellations by Janet following an announcement that Janet’s tour would resume this past weekend in CT.

Visit V-103 for more details.

But don’t feel left out, local industry execs and celebrities are being shut out of the fun too. Usher turns 30 today and he plans to celebrate the milestone occasion at a private bash being held at a secret location tonight.

I know this because one of my trusted spies told me about the invites going out last week. And of course, I told you about it right here.

Well, last night I heard from the manager of a celebrity who complained that Usher’s camp (specifically, Jonetta) is being ultra secretive about the private bash.

How about Jonetta told the celebrity she would get back to her later, but never did. LOL. I guess the star is not as big as she thought she was. 🙂

Luckily for my loyal readers, I have a spy who personally received an invite from Usher’s mo-manager Jonetta Patton last week.

So we’ll still get the inside scoop on the who/what/where of the party.

It’s obvious that Jonetta wants to keep it hush hush that Usher and Tameka are still together. Too late! That cat is already out of the bag!

Tickets to Usher’s Nov. 11 concert at the rather smallish Tabernacle still hasn’t sold out yet. Remember when Usher used to sell out arenas before Tameka destroyed his career?

There are still plenty of tickets available for $101 plus surcharges. And tickets are being scalped on Craigslist for below face value.

Happy birthday Usher!

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Apparently, I’m not the only one who sees through Beyonce’s thin veil of lies and deceit. When you have no talent and there isn’t an original bone in your body, the result is to copy from the success of others.

Jermaine Dupri knows exactly what I mean.

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael K of Dlisted busts the lid wide open on Beyonce’s thievery. Here’s what Michael had to say:

Beyonce’s new video is for some shit called “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” Bitch needs to put a lid on it.

And thanks to reader Andrew for pointing out that Beyonce jacked this shit from the Fosse “Mexican Breakfast” bitches. Beyonce doesn’t even come close to being as hot as these hos. She needs to watch this video below and try again!

And Roger Friedman of Fox 411, who I told you gushed on and on last week about Beyonce’s single Ladies (which I honestly don’t think he listened to all the way through). Well now Roger has this to say about the song:

Last week I raved and raved about Beyonce’s new single, “If I Were A Boy.” Remember? I thought it was the best thing she’d ever done, and was amazed that she’d even found the material.

Well, guess what? The story behind “If I Were A Boy” is absolutely scandalous. It also explains my question of why this single missed the Grammy deadline of September 30th, since it was ready to go at least 3 weeks ago. The answer: it was held up by endless legal wrangling since, in the long hallowed tradition of the music business, the young woman who wrote the melody and lyrics for “If I Were A Boy” had no idea Beyonce had even recorded her song until a stranger called with the news. By then, it was too late. (Source)

My loyal readers could have told Roger that Beyonce is as fake as that glass rock she keeps flashing! My readers are always on top of Beyonce’s BS. 🙂