My regular readers remember this section from my old website.

I decided to reinstate the Reader's Photo of the Day section for those readers who would like to share their photos of themselves with their fav. celebs.

Reader's Photos of the Day will be posted every Monday. First up is loyal reader Samantha:

Hi Sandra, my name is Samantha. I went to hip hop honors yesterday and afterwards got to take pictures with Eve and Juelz. They were both really nice about it and besides all Naughty By Nature performances, it made my day.

Luv Your Blog by da way.

[EDITED 10/6 9:28 PM:]
I received a few emails tonight from readers alerting me to the fact that this track appeared on 2Pac's posthumous album, Pac's Life, released in 2006. Just a few minutes ago, I spoke with Manny Halley, Keyshia's manager who explained that the song was never released as a single. Here's what he said:

"It was never a single. It was just a album cut that we did for him... We didn't want to lose a hit record. We're going to drop all the big singles with it, but we wanted to keep 2Pac and Keyshia because they never made it a single. So we made it a single."
--- Manny Halley, Imani Ent. Group

Much love to Keyshia Cole's management for Blessing with Keyshia's first single off her new album which drops December 16th!

Normally I don't get this excited over new music, but we're talking about Keyshia Cole and the legendary 2Pac Shakur! The single is titled "Play Ya Cards Right" and it is HAWT! :) readers get to hear it right here first before it hits the airwaves! Did I say it is HAWT!

Keyshia will shoot the music video for her new single in L.A. tomorrow. Then she jets back to Atlanta just in time to attend her star-studded 27th birthday party on October 15 and the BET Hip Hop Awards on Oct. 18 at the Atlanta Civic Center.

A Superstar never rests!

Do you think Angelina Jolie-Pitt reads I'm just kidding, of course But it is a coincidence that we asked why she never puts her biological on display and my readers questioned why she always carries Zahara around liek something is wrong with her legs.

A friend of mine called me to remind me that Zahara is to Angie what Emanuelle Lewis was to Michael Jackson in the 80s -- a human accessory to get attention.

Photo: Faded Youth

CLICK HERE if you can't see the video.

Thanks to loyal reader Jazmyne H. for sending this link of Jermaine Dupri's protégé Dondria, aka Phatfffat putting urban bloggers on blast.

It's apparent from listening to this freestyle that Dondria has no love for the bloggers. For the most part, urban bloggers are all very nice to the celebs -- exceedingly so.

We wonder which blogger set Dondria off for her to dedicate an entire freestyle to them?

Lisa Bonet and her hunky baby daddy actor Jason Momoa were spotted at LAX airport today. I should move to L.A. and lurk in that airport with my camera. I bet I could pay off an entire mortgage in one year with the loot I would make off celebrity pics! Anyway, Momoa, 29, is best known for his roles on Baywatch and Stargate Atlantis. He and Lisa are the proud parents of daughter Lola Iolani Momoa, 14 months.

Rihanna was potted leaving LAX airport on Sunday after filming a music video for T.I.'s hit "Live Your Life". RiRi is normally impeccable in her style and dress, but what's wrong with her hair?? It looks like she's going bald on the sides! Hopefully the paps caught her at a bad angle.
Photos (3):

By now you know who won the "I Want To Work For Diddy" reality show contest on Vh1. If you don't know who won, tune in tonight for the season finale. Anyway, Poprah has snatched Omarosa's crown as the most annoying reality tv contestant ever -- at least in my humble opinion. Poprah, real name Kim Kearney, is an Atlanta resident (she makes her home in Duluth). Her obnoxious in-your-face personality also extends to the type of vehicle she drives: a big black gas guzzling Humvee.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Jay Z performed at his Last Chance For Change concert and Obama rally in Miami yesterday -- one day after his wife performed at a concert benefit.

A noticeably prego Tameka Foster Raymond accompanied her hubby Usher to Tyler Perry's Grand Opening bash CORRECTION: I'm told Usher did not attend the party. I realize she's not a celebrity, but you know you love her!

Personally I wouldn't buy a dress that looked like it was designed for a mummy, but then again, I don't own a dress:

Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 09:55
From: Karen Civil
To: Sandra Rose Add to my Address Book
Subject: The Destruction of a Herve Leger dress

Why Sandra!?! Did she not feel the air hitting her chest? Or think to look down!?! I just bought this same exact dress but darker shade of pink for a dinner outing. It feels so tainted now.


Alicia Keys appeared on NBC's The Today Show this morning and got a double take side eye -- as she should -- from a NBC employee who was probably wondering what is that mess on her face! We're simply amazed that Alicia hasn't fired her makeup artist yet. Is it absolutely necessary for her face to be 10 shades darker than the rest of her body? We wish we could give AK a pass because we do LOVE her LV scarf, but we can't!

Yesterday, while browsing through my nephew Patrick Riley's Myspace album, I noticed this photo of Patrick (on the right) and Miss Jay of America's Next Top Model at one of Kimora Lee's shows.

Then I noticed the young lady behind them giving Miss Jay the side eye like he stole something. She probably had a very good reason to cut her eyes at Miss Jay. He was probably getting more attention from the men in the room than she was.

Anyway, check out my nephew's blog. He gets around to updating it every three months or so. He just posted a major update so go check out all the celebrity pics!

Apparently everyone but me.

Tyler Perry's "date" for the Grand Opening of his Atlanta studio was Gelila Bekele, a Ford model who sometimes accompanies Tyler to his movie premieres.

Actually the last time we saw Gelila was, ironically, one year ago to the day of the Grand Opening. We certainly didn't see her with Tyler when he accompanied his BFF Oprah on vacation in Spain earlier this year.

In fact, a friend who attended Tyler's Gala said Tyler appeared "uncomfortable" holding hands with Gelila on the red carpet.

As most of you know, Beyonce Knowles spent the weekend in Miami, Florida where was the guest of honor at a Miami Children's hospital fundraiser and concert.

I used to work at Miami Children's hospital back in the day and I still have a friend who work there.

She called me last night to tell me she attended Beyonce's private concert at the American Airlines Arena. She said she was one of the volunteers backstage helping to make sure Bey had everything she needed.

I was shocked to hear what she said next. She told me that event organizers pleaded with Beyonce not to wear that fake wedding ring she's been flaunting in our faces lately.

Of course we here at already know that the supposed $5M wedding ring is fake. For one thing, jewelers usually step up to claim their custom work especially when its for a celebrity because it's good for business.

For instance, we know that Jacob the Jeweler designed Mariah Carey's ring. But so far not one jeweler has been identified as the designer of Beyonce's wedding ring.

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Photos: Splash News Online

Angelina Jolie returned to her home in New York City last week for the first time since giving birth to twins Knox and Vivienne in Nice, France in July. Angie immediately resumed her daily ritual of parading her human accessories, Maddox, Pax and Zahara, before the cameras. I noticed that she never puts her biologicals on display like prized cattle -- only the refugees.

Isabella and Connor Cruise exit Alice's Tea Cup restaurant in NYC yesterday. The kids dined with stepmom Katie Holmes, sister Suri, their aunt and Katie's parents. Isabella and Connor were adopted as babies by Tom Cruise and his then wife Nicole Kidman. Isabella is now 15, and Connor is only 13, but he looks older. Hopefully Connor, who is bi-racial, knows a little something about his African heritage.
Photos: Splash News Online

Earlier Tom Cruise and Suri were spotted outside Tom's NYC apartment. Suri is so adorable!

Don't you think actress Jessica Alba's daughter Honor Marie Warren is the spitting image of her daddy Cash Warren? I also see Cash's father, actor Michael Warren, in Honor's eyes. What I don't see is ANY semblance of Jessica in that baby's face. Honor turns 4 months old tomorrow.