This Sticky post is bumped from June 25, 2009 — the day the world learned of the shocking news that pop icon Michael Jackson had passed away. It will remain at the top all day to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Michael’s passing.

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Michael Jackson fans all over the world are stunned at the news of pop legend Michael Jackson’s death at the age of 50. I am not ashamed to admit I was a huge Michael Jackson fan for as long as I can remember.

As kids in 1974, my youngest brother and me were lucky enough to meet the legend up close and even dance with him in Miami, Florida.

I had a feeling Michael would die young because of all the abuse he put his body through and the drugs he ingested over the years. Still, the news of Michael’s untimely death came as a shock.

After the break, I posted my favorite photos of Michael Jackson, the way I want to remember him, before the surgeries and eccentric behavior.

All photos are courtesy of J5 Collector and

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that’s what is reporting. TMZ reports Jackson was picked up at his home in L.A. 30 minutes ago and paramedics performed CPR in the ambulance. Jackson’s family members are reportedly rushing to his bedside. Let’s hope this is just a rumor. Two icons dying on the same day would be too much.


Jackson’s dad, Joe Jackson, tells Michael “is not doing well.”

UPDATE: is reporting Jackson has passed away. According to Steve Ruda of the L.A. Fire Department, Jackson was “not breathing” when paramedics arrived at his home.


First Lady Michelle Obama appears to be packing on the pounds in this photo taken on the South lawn of the White House today. Barack Obama’s social secretary Desiree Rogers (with her back to the camera), who moved from Chicago to work for Obama, remains thin and lean.

Most men love their women with a little extra meat on their bones. Rogers would be considered too bony for them. Maybe some would say Barack has the best of both worlds (I didn’t start the rumors folks).

Meanwhile, Beyonce shouted out First Daughters, Sasha and Malia, who attended her concert in D.C last night with their parents.

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Every now and then I get a call from an industry cat asking my advice on why they get no love from certain industry chicks. My #1 response is always, “maybe she’s just not that into you.” But these industry cats think the world revolves around their peens. So the only logical explanation they can think of is the chick must be a lesbian.

Take Angel Lola Luv, aka Lola Monroe, for instance. I must have logged at least half a dozen calls from industry cats asking me if I think she’s a lesbun because they can’t get to first base with her when she’s in town.

Well, it turns out Lola is a lesbun, according to industry gossip — and loyal reader LovelyLady, who knows Lola personally.

LovelyLady says the love of Lola’s life is a chick named Logan who travels everywhere with her. Apparently they’ve known each other since grade school. It’s no coincidence that Logan’s butt also hangs low. LovelyLady says all of Lola’s friends have butt implants.

So there you go.

A British tabloid claims to have conclusive evidence about Jay Z’s 7-year-old son, Isa. We have no idea what that evidence is, but the paper rehashes the same information we gave you when we first broke this story three years ago.

The paper says the boy and his mother, Shenelle Scott, are living large in a $2.5 million manse that Jay Z purchased for them on their native island of Trinidad. But we already knew that.

We also know that Shenelle has since gotten married, but we have no idea who the lucky guy is. All we know is that he is living large right along with Shenelle and Isa on Jay Z’s dime. LOL.


Loyal reader, BevG, emailed me to say her daughter is a big fan of a show called “True Blood.” I’ve never heard of the show but I told her I would look into it. Coincidentally, blogger Perez Hilton has a post up about “True Blood.” Do you watch the show?

Over 3.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere, which caused the ratings to go up 157% from the first season’s premiere. Shall they thank the Twilight fans for that?

And it seems the show’s DVD sales are doing pretty good as well!

In fact, True Blood: The Complete First Season DVD has sold over 1 million copies!

The disc set was released four weeks ago and has already made $35 million in total sales.

Disclaimer: I was not paid a dime to write this post, but I can’t say the same about Perez.

This amazing photo of an erupting volcano punching a hole through a cloud was snapped by the crew of the International Space Station orbiting around the planet earth.

The volcanic eruption on a Russian island in the North Pacific spewed smoke, ash and steam thousands of miles into the atmosphere causing the clouds to scatter. The full story is here.