Thousands of Rihanna fans turned out to meet & greet the singer who signed copies of her 4th studio CD 'Rated R' at a Best Buy in NYC yesterday.

One of Rihanna's adoring fans received extra special attention from the Barbadian beauty. Little Jasmena Anema has a rare form of leukemia (blood cancer) that's ravaging her tiny body. But she found the strength to wait for hours in a long line for the chance to meet her idol Rihanna.

Jasmena's leukemia has weakened her immune system to the point where she must wear a mask to protect her from deadly germs. So it might not have been a good idea for Rihanna to put her face in such close proximity to Jasmena's, possibly exposing the child to millions of opportunistic microbes.

But we're just going to assume that Rihanna didn't know any better and that she didn't mean any harm. Still, this is something you would expect Beyonce to do.

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As you know by now, Kanye West's beard girlfriend Amber Rose is coming to Atlanta this weekend to host a party. This will be Amber's first time in Atlanta. As I told you in an earlier post, she was supposed to host parties here before but her modeling agency nixed those appearances. I'm not sure why.

On Friday, Amber will host a star-studded bash at Primal nightclub. We know she'll be there because the promoters have already paid a sizable down payment on her reported $20,000 appearance fee(!)

And, yes, she's bringing her girlfriend (I forget the chick's name) as well as a large entourage (weed carrier, stylist, manager, etc.)

I'll be at the club on Friday as well getting my drink on. I was promised a teeny section in the VIP, as well as a few free shots of Patron (no bottle service, unfortunately). So me and my date will be good and wasted by the time Amber and her girlfriend get there.

Speaking of which, these two were all hugged up on the streets of New York on Friday (11/20).

I don't know what kind of man Kanye is allowing his girlfriend to shamelessly parade around the streets with her side piece. If I'm buying a chick Louis Vuitton, MCM bags, Prada shoes and jetting her around the world on my dime, she'd better not ever let me catch her with another woman.

But then why should Knaye care? He's probably hugged up with a man as I type this.

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I'm not sure what to make of this odd pairing

Not trying to start any baseless rumors here. But, has anyone else noticed how close producer Polow da Don and music mogul Jay Z have grown lately? Did Polow move to L.A. to be closer to Hov?

Last night, after the AMAs, the two walked across the street to the Staples Center to take in a Lakers game at courtside with friends, baseball star A-Rod, recording exec Jimmy Iovine, and Fergie and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Polow and Jay Z sat together (as they always do) and shared private jokes between each other. Meanwhile, Jay Z's wife Beyonce was nowhere in sight. Hmmm... Interesting.

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Another beautiful picture from Sean "Diddy" Combs' 40th birthday bash at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Here are the women in Diddy's life, his mom Janice (center), the love of his life Sarah, left, and Misa, the mother of his son Justin.

All I see in this picture is mutual love and respect. Of course, most of you will see something else. But it doesn't matter. What matters most is who is not in this picture (Kim Porter and Cassie).

Former Cheetah Girl member Adrienne Bailon (3rd from left) thinks she's slick. She tweeted this pic of her and her new man, rapper fabolous (3rd from right), boating on a yacht over the weekend.

She knows Fabolous has a baby mama at home who he supports. This is Adrienne's way of throwing her affair in his baby mama's face and letting her know who he's with when he's not at home.

Even if this is simply an innocent foray into the open waters off the California coast, it's still a bold move on both of their parts.

Image source and Wireimage

Remember last week I told you about all the drama at Sean "Diddy" Combs' 40th birthday bash in NYC? Many industry insiders who thought they were A-listers were left outside cooling their heels on the sidewalk in the rain.

According to Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 blog, "...there was no red carpet, oddly, on the outside. VIP guests had to find clever ways of entering the event. Luckily, there weren’t too many of them."

Meanwhile, Diddy held court inside the Grand ballroom of the fabulous Plaza Hotel regaling his invited guests with the magnificence that is Himself.

While many blogs went on and on about his baby mama Kim Porter and his sidepiece Cassie being at the party, no one mentioned that the true love of his life, Sarah Chapman, was also there (she came with Sean's mom Janice Combs).

By the way, Sarah was the reason Cassie left the party early, not Kim Porter who is the mother of 3 of his kids. So why shouldn't she be there?

But back to Sarah. I'm told that she's "dating" but no one's really seen Sarah out on a date.

Then again, this IS Atlanta and there aren't that many straight, unattached men to choose from. Still, such a beautiful specimen as Sarah with no man on her arm should tell you something.

Anyway, I wrote all that to say, Sarah was at the party, and in the VIP with the #1 woman in Puffy's life outside of his daughters -- his mom Janice. So what does that tell you?

I didn't watch the 2009 American Music Awards last night because I was out and about living my life.

So you can use this post to discuss your GOOD, BAD and UGLY from last night's show.

I heard about all the comedy of errors, the queening out, the slips and falls, and RIHANNA! who murdered everything moving on the red carpet last night!

Speaking of falls, Jennifer Lopez (who has no business on any stage with her flabby, out of shape self) fell flat on her azz while performing her lame track "Louboutins" last night. Clearly she is not fit after dropping twins and getting her back twisted out every night by her hubby Marc Anthony, which doesn't quite take the place of a good aerobics workout.

But back to RiRi:

As my dear, deceased grandfather would have said if he saw Rihanna last night: "LOOKOUT NOW!

RiRi looked so hawt last night, she deserves a post all by herself!

Do I really need to post any other pics but these?

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The city of Atlanta is broke, and not even the prospect of a new mayor can change that fact.

Due to mismanagement of funds and widespread fraud perpetrated by the last two mayoral administrations, there is no money left in the city budget for the most basic city improvements or services like paving streets, fixing broken lights, repairing washed out bridges or an archaic drainage system that leaves entire neighborhoods under 15 feet of water after a drenching downpour.

Because of the budgetary constraints, DOT workers have been laid off and highway improvement projects put on hold. As a result, traffic gridlock during rush hour is the worst it's ever been in recent memory.

If you travel anywhere inside or outside of the perimeter on 285, GA 400, or the downtown connector during rush hour, you might as well bring a good book because it will be awhile before you reach your destination. And that's when there are no traffic accidents to impede the flow of traffic.

But worst of all, there is no money in the city budget to hire and train new police recruits or retain good, veteran officers. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, police officers, many of whom never received promised pay raises from Mayor Shirley Franklin, have resigned at a rate nearly twice the national average, leaving the department with about 1,600 officers for 5.5 million Metropolitan area residents.

You do the math.

The AJC wrote a revealing expose' on the inefficient, and sometimes negligent 911 system and the hours it takes for the Atlanta police to answer a high priority call in the city of Atlanta.

Due to the crippling police shortage and job vacancies within the 911 system, it takes an average of two hours for police to respond to high priority calls.

According to Chief Richard Pennington (who came to us from New Orleans' corrupt police department), only reports of shots fired brings police to your door in under 10 minutes. Every other call is placed in a queue for up to an hour before police are dispatched.

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It seems that MTV has scrubbed the President of the United States' name from the awning of the infamous Obama Fried Chicken spot in Brooklyn.

Some of you might remember the controversy surrounding Obama's name on the awning after a city councilman accused the store owner of being racist and claimed the sign was offensive to black people. But 4 out of 5 black people standing in line for fried chicken liked the name and so the sign stayed up.

Well, old school rap duo Clipse decided to capitalize on the all the hype surrounding the restaurant's name, hoping it would boost interest in their lame track. So they placed a wide shot of the yellow awning in the music video for their "Popular Demand" single.

But the powers that be at MTV didn't think that was cute, so they edited the opening scene of the video and removed Obama's name.

Brokelyn of the Brooklyn blog that first reported the editing, notes it could be one of three possible reasons: copyright law, MTV advertising policy, or a more political decision that keeps MTV from dealing with the repercussions "from blaring 'Obama Fried Chicken" across American TV screens."

Below is the altered video that's in light rotation on mtvU music channel, and after the break is the original, unedited version of the video.

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