Some people want fame so badly they can taste it. Unfortunately, stardom is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when your privacy is invaded by fanatical Stans who believe they are in a relationship with you. They develop a psychotic fixation on you and can stalk you for years.

A small percentage of these cases end up in court where a judge grants a restraining order, which ticks off the stalker who winds up killing his/her victim. This happens rarely, but who wants to be in that small percentage?

Take former “Half & Half” star Rachel True, for instance. According to TMZ, True is currently the obsession of a nutcase who was arrested on Nov. 27 outside her home carrying a rather large sex toy. The woman, Elenora Redmon, said she wanted to “f**k [Rachel] with a cobra.”

True, who may or may not be a lesbian, promptly took out a temporary restraining order (TRO).

According to the TRO request, Elenora has been stalking Rachel for a year and a half, showing up at her house and sending her creepy emails like “Why did you shut your curtains?” — many of which were sexually explicit.

Elenora has been ordered to stay 150 yards away from Rachel at all times — which should be easy, because she’s currently behind bars on $150,000 bail for the sex toy arrest. The TRO hearing is scheduled for December 17th.


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Fellas, wouldn’t you love to wrap your big burly arms around Rihanna and keep her warm at night? Well, unfortunately you can’t because, well, she’s just not that into you. In case you haven’t noticed, Rihanna has someone to keep her warm at night. It’s a shame that no one outside the gay community can see that Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde are romantically involved.

How many hawt chicks like Rihanna are still single after almost a year? I’m sure eligible bachelors are pitching to RiRi left and right. Yet she only has eyes for Melissa. Rihanna all but admitted the obvious in a recent interview when she said:

“All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.”

On the other hand, singer Alicia Keys has a beak nosed parrot to keep her warm at night. Hey, whatever floats her boat. Keys was spotted outside a London studio today.


Loyal reader Tam points out that Alicia Keys has a pic of herself and her boo Tucan Sam (Swizz Beatz) on her cell phone as a screensaver. Isn’t that sweet?

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Desperation breeds stupidity and only a stupid broad like Nicki Minaj would dispute a video that any fool can see is her. Peep the video below of Nicki in 2007 before the nose job and butt injections. She’s truly pitiful! Is this what Hip Hop has sunk to?

Check out the exaggerated hand gestures. It’s the same hand gestures she uses to accentuate her words in this video. Do you need any more evidence that Nicki Minaj is a fraud?

Among the 200 or so emails crowding my Inbox today, I found this one alerting me to the fact that *gasp* Misa Hylton was spotted at the offices of Bad Boy Records! As if that’s some unusual occurrence or something. Doesn’t her baby daddy own those offices? Why shouldn’t she be seen there? She could have been picking up a child support check in person because it was late again. Her son will be 16 soon. She’s only got two more years worth of checks coming in so I’m sure she treasures each child support check like it could be her last..

Anyway, I always find it interesting when publicists send me pics of their clients as if I or my readers really care. If you really want to impress me, send me a pic of your client leaving a STD clinic.

Hey Sandra!

I hope this e-mail. My name is Gladys Adegoke, PR Coordinator at BJ Coleman’s office. I just wanted to let you know BJ Coleman is representing celebrity stylist Misa Hylton… Below, please find candid images of Misa rolling in at the Bad Boy Entertainment offices yesterday. So we hear she came to discuss Justin?s BIG birthday bash, who turns 16 years old at the end of this MONTH….

Source: Gladys Adegoke | Coleman Entertainment Group

On Thursday night, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle will hold the long-anticipated Grand Opening for her Tiny’s Nail Bar salon. It will be a night to remember as Tiny, her family and celebrity friends celebrate her first solo business venture.

As I told you previously, Tiny’s man T.I. is so excited about this new venture and he is anxious for the shop to open.

We are grateful to Tiny’s camp for extending special invites for 3 of my lucky readers and their guests! I will be there as well to greet my readers and BET will be filming for an upcoming episode of The Tiny & Toya Show.

So make sure you come camera ready!

All you have to do to qualify for the invites is say something nice. We’ve done this before so you know how it works. Some of you need not bother to participate in this thread. I’ve been taking names and keeping notes, so don’t try and change up now.

See, it always pays to be nice!

Last night, super producer & songwriter Sean Garrett called to say he was honored, along with V103’s Frank Ski, left, and Ryan Cameron, right, as one of Gillette’s Men of Style at a classy event held at the Geisha House. The splashy affair was hosted by actress Vivica Fox and male socialite Fonzworth Bentley.

I told Sean my invite must have gotten lost in the mail. At any rate, the finest gentleman in the industry put on their best threads for this event. Congrats to all the real men who were honored!

Loyal reader Bernadette Truell writes:

Hello Sandra…

Here’s some photos from [last night’s] event. It was in the Geisha House at Atlantic Station and was hosted by Vivica Fox and Fonsworth Bentley with Rashan Ali as the announcer.

Honorees/Attendees include Zaytoven, Bangladesh, Will Packer, Kenny Burns, Big Boi, Frank Ski, Sean Garrett, Ryan Cameron, Mark Hayes, Lance Gross, BJ Coleman (Vivica’s Publicist), and Ryan Stewart from 2 Live Stews…

There’s more on my site,

Bernadette Truell
Be True Photography

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I told y’all Nicki Minaj was a fraud! Before she was a Barbie, she was wearing her brother’s clothes and stalking rapper Remy Ma! Y’all gon’ learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you something.

I saw this video years ago when it first came out on YouTube, and at the time I remember feeling sad for this young, misguided Dom. Now it turns out the young, misguided Dom is none other than rap fraud Nicki Minaj who is signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records. No wonder she comes off as such a fake to me.

How can this tramp stunt like she’s a STUD, then call herself a Barbie doll just to get a record deal? Y’all, please [email_link] everywhere so the young Hip Hop heads can see that she’s nothing but a fraud!

Photo courtesy of Prince Williams/

Pop singer Rihanna was spotted out & about with her HLF Melissa Forde last night in LA. Mel looks so proud (I know I would be). LOVE RiRi’s cropped leather jacket!

All heads turned when Rihanna strolled into Madison Square Garden to attend the Portland Trailblazers Vs. New York Knicks game yesterday.

She was a vision of loveliness sitting courtside chewing gum.

Music mogul Sean Combs was looking right in all black at his ‘Last Train To Paris’ album release party at mur.mur last night at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. So when did he have time to fly to the Dominican Republic for Jay Z’s 40th birthday bash?

Photos: Splash News Online