One thing you can never call Halle Berry is a style icon. Her style is too hit and miss. It's clear that she could benefit from the services of a stylist. Yesterday, the paps caught up with Halle as she was leaving a friend's house in L.A.

What is she wearing? Is that a shirt dress up under a sweatshirt with fangs on it and leggings with boots? This getup looks like something a teenager would wear -- not a fully grown woman with child.

Do better Halle.

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Us Weekly magazine just posted a voicemail left by golf great Tiger Woods on a jump off's cell phone on Nov. 24. Woods can be heard begging his jump off to change her caller ID after his wife, Elin Nordegren-Woods, went through his phone and found her number. "My wife may be calling you," says a nervous Woods.

Listen to the voicemail below.

In a revealing interview in the new Us Weekly (on newsstands today), Jaimee Grubbs, a Los Angeles cocktail waitress said she had a steamy 31-month fling with Tiger Woods and has 300 text messages to prove it.

Grubbs, now 24, told Us Weekly the affair with Woods, 33, began in 2007 and she had 20 sexual encounters with Woods, who wed Elin in 2004.

This new evidence, and other rumors of rampant infidelity with various trollops -- along with evidence of a possible painkiller addiction -- brings Tiger Woods' integrity and wholesome apple pie image into question.

Yesterday, the Florida Highway Patrol held a news conference announcing plans to cite Woods for careless driving stemming from a single car accident in his driveway on Friday.

No other charges are expected despite the fact that evidence strongly suggests Woods was under the influence of prescription drugs and incapacitated at the scene of the accident.

Tiger's neighbors, Jerome and Linda Adams, spoke to the media yesterday through their attorneys. The Adams explained their son, Jarius, saw Woods lying in the road and called 911.

“He was lying in the road. Mrs. Woods was beside him trying to help him and he couldn’t get up,” said Bill Sharpe, an attorney for the Adams family.

“They did not witness any domestic violence and Mr. Woods’s minor injuries were not consistent with somebody being beat up with a nine-iron.” Mr Sharpe added: “Mrs. Woods was with him, had him down on the ground . . . she was sitting there. She was really... upset, and he’s unconscious . . . she was trying to help him. She weren’t trying to do any further damage.” [link]

Woods remained holed up with his wife in their mansion in Islewood, a gated community in Orlando, Florida yesterday. The couple have two children together, 2-year-old Sam and 10-month-old Charlie.

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Atlantans got out the vote yesterday and ushered in a new mayor who has the best interests of the local entertainment industry at heart!

Kasim Reed didn't win by a landslide over his opponent Mary Norwood, but he got enough votes to win the runoff election even though a recount is still likely.

In fact, Kasim's win margin is so slim that Norwood has not yet conceded defeat. But she will.

“It is my hope tonight that we will unite this city and make Atlanta the city shining on a hill,” Reed told about 300 supporters at the Hyatt Regency. “Tomorrow we have hard work to do to make Atlanta the best city in America.”

Kasim says his first priority as Mayor of the city of Atlanta is to find a new police chief to replace the outgoing chief who resigned under fire last week.

Reed is seeking a police chief with experience in dealing with gangs. "I believe that Atlanta has a growing gang problem that we're not confronting enough in an aggressive enough way," said Reed.

Reed also plans to repeal the controversial 2:30 a.m. nightclub curfew that was put in place to combat the violence and murders outside nightclubs in Buckhead a few years ago. The curfew drove club owners outside the city limits where bartenders could pour liquor all night long.

Reed, a 40-year-old single attorney, also intends to hire 750 new police officers to bolster the 1,600 man police department that has come under fire recently for prolonged delays responding to emergency 911 calls.

Reed served as the campaign manager in Shirley Franklin's successful election campaign to become the 58th Mayor of Atlanta. On May 21, 2009, Reed caused controversy in Atlanta's GLBT community when he stated that he supported civil unions for gays, but not gay marriage.


Yesterday I received an email blast with a link to an article in Julia Beverly's Hip Hop rag Ozone magazine accusing local philanthropist and industry veteran Debra Antney of using Gucci Mane's name to scam promoters out of $100K.

I know Debra Antney personally and she has done nothing but great things for the underprivileged children in our community. For years she has worked tirelessly on the children's behalf by organizing charity events without seeking press coverage or kudos for her efforts.

As an artist manager and CEO of Gucci's So Icey Records, Antney helps guide the careers of Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj and OJ Da Juiceman.

On the other hand, Julia Beverly's name has come up numerous times over the years attached to one scam after another. If you're not familiar with Julia Beverly, click HERE and HERE.

Julia Beverly has a lot of nerve casting dispersions or throwing shade on anyone's business dealings as dirty as she is. Julia comes off as a broke, racist, bitter little hag whose magazine empire is crumbling down around her. So now she's lashing out at the ones she feels are responsible for her demise.

Julia Beverly has for years used the Hip Hop community for her own financial gains and has been accused of ripping off many up and coming artists by charging them under the table for exposure in her wack magazine that nobody reads. Her reputation is so tarnished that she was forced to cancel her Hip Hop conference this year because no one will attend.

After the break is a letter from publisher and blogger Isis Wisdom of Word On The Streets, who clears up any rumors or innuendos of her involvement in Julia Beverly's smear campaign against established industry veterans Debra Antney and Johnnie Cabbell.

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I didn't even know a judge could do this, but apparently, the judge is a Dwight Superman" Howard fan.

Howard went to court and got an injunction to shut up his baby mama Royce Reed and prevent her from smearing his good name in the streets and on a reality TV show.

Some baby mamas are a trip! they think because they gave birth to a baller's seed and he's paying all their bills, they are still entitled to use his name for financial gain and sully his reputation.

Let this be a warning to all you potential baby mamas who think you can drag your baby daddy's name through all the blogs and star on a reality TV show: Ballers have rights too!

According to TMZ:

The Orlando Magic superstar went to war in October with Royce Lyndsay Reed -- the mother of his 2-year-old son -- after she allegedly called him a deadbeat dad on her blog, Twitter and even during an ESPN interview.

Dwight also alleges Royce "is attempting to become a celebrity" from being his baby mama ... even agreeing to "participate in a VH1 television show called 'NBA Wives.'"

Dwight ended up winning a permanent injunction against Royce -- and according to the documents, she's banned from "using or publishing (orally, in writing, or otherwise), directly, indirectly or by innuendo, [Dwight's] name, nicknames, image, brand photographs, and/or likeness."

And here I was preserving the sanctity of Tiger Wood's marriage by suggesting that he was under the influence of prescription painkillers when he became disoriented and drove his SUV into a fire hydrant and a tree over the weekend.

As it turns out, Woods has cheated on his wife in the past.

According to Fox News:

"A little over a year ago Tiger was in a room at a hotel in Miami, about 90 minutes from his home," the source said. "The room was guarded by two guards with earpieces looking very professional in suits. Tiger exited the room with a dark-haired woman, not his wife, giving his security guards the evil eye when he realized someone else was in the hall seeing him."

The source said that the drama surrounding the National Enquirer story that linked Woods to club promoter Rachel Uchitel, and the car accident outside his house that occurred three days later, is unfair to Woods' wife, Elin.

Elin was also reported at the scene of his accident, brandishing a golf club she reportedly used to get in Woods' car and free him, which Woods called "courageous" in his statement.
"Elin spends so much time with the children," the source said of the couple's 2-year-old daughter Sam and 10-month-old son, Charlie. "She loves them and is always home with them. Whatever caused the accident, she should not have to go through all this."

We shouldn't be surprised that a one man conglomerate like Woods would pleasure himself from time to time with a jump off to take his mind off of his troubles at home and on the golf course.

Some rich and powerful men think they're entitled to cheat due to the pressures of being the sole bread winner.

They even blame their wives for forcing them to cheat because she's too conservative between the sheets. But the truth is, even if the wife puts it down in the bedroom like a veteran stripper, a man will still find an excuse to cheat.

Thanks to loyal reader Bird for the tip!

Just the other night, my cell phone rang around 3 a.m. awaking me from a deep sleep. The call was initiated by the Blackberry cell phone of a friend whose BB often inadvertently speed dials my number at ungodly hours of the night.

On the other end of the phone I could hear a deep conversation between the friend and her boyfriend, a prominent local businessman -- neither of whom knew her phone had called my phone.

She is not the only friend whose Blackberry inadvertently calls me. This happens so often with my friends who own Blackberries that I can just about guess when it's the phone calling rather than the person. This seems to be a major flaw with the new Blackberry design.

A Blackberry can bust up your relationship if it dials a number at the most inopportune time. This is what happened to an unfortunate fast food restaurant manager who was about to get busy with a co-worker when his phone called his baby mama.

According to the AJC, the boyfriend was in a back room at the restaurant about to have sex with a young, female co-worker when his baby mama and her teenage kids arrived at the closed restaurant around 3:30 a.m., bust out the plate glass window and dragged the chick out of the restaurant by her hair.

Home boy took off running and probably wasn't aware that it was his cell phone that inadvertently dialed Xochitl Bernice Valdez-Mendoza’s number and that is how she could hear that he and the 20-year-old restaurant employee were preparing to have sex.

Valdez-Mendoza and her teenage children were in custody Tuesday. Valdez-Mendoza is charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment and two counts each of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and third-degree child cruelty. Her 16-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son are being held in the Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center on assault and false imprisonment charges.

I keep telling you ladies that if your man is going to cheat, 9 times out of 10 it will be with a co-worker in the workplace.

There is too much time and opportunity in the workplace for a man to get a willing and able side piece to give him some slap in the storage room.

If you're a man who owns a Blackberry and you don't want to be put out there, my best advice is to trash your Blackberry and get yourself a T-Mobile G1.


According to online reports, ex-Miss Argentina has died following complications from a gluteoplasty procedure, in other words, butt implant surgery.

Solange Magnano suffered a pulmonary embolism to her lungs after undergoing the procedure at a Brazilian clinic, according to TMZ. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that travels from the legs up a major vein that empties blood into the heart and lungs.

If that clot becomes trapped in the lungs, it impedes the flow of blood around it causing oxygen starvation to the surrounding cells leading to sudden death.

People with a sedentary lifestyle (ie, the elderly, office workers or airline passengers who sit for long periods of time) are more prone to blood clots. In Solange's case, a blood clot likely formed around the implants and traveled up the deep vein in her leg to her heart and lungs.

Solange won the crown back in 1994. She is survived by her husband and 7-year-old twins.

R&B crooner Joe is lashing out at rumors of a fight between himself and struggling R&B singer Trey Song over Joe Budden's ex-trollop, Tahiry.

Aren't Trey and Joe highly suspect down low males in the industry anyway? So why would we believe they were fighting over a chick with a grotesque hydrogel-injected butt?

According to another blogger, who is well-known for fabricating rumors to drive traffic to her Beyonce fansite, Trey Song was celebrating his birthday with a party and a concert at the 501 Lounge in Montclair, New Jersey. When all of a sudden Tahiry shows up in the VIP and we are to believe that Trey (LOL) and Joe started swingng on each other over her.

In a statement to, Joe said:

"First of all, I was not involved in a fight. Me and Trey Songz are real cool. We did a record on my last album. We did ‘We Need To Roll’ and, you know, I went to show support," Joe told "That's my man. I heard he was going to be having a party that night and there was going to be a performance. Nothing happened between him and I.

"It could have been where my man had a problem with security just for a quick second and they were trying to clear the V.I.P. It was really, really crowded up there. It wasn't anything like they didn't want me there [or] they didn't want the other guests there, like Tahiry. Everybody was cool.

"So, security had him hemmed up in the corner and I told them. 'That's my man. He's with me' and [security] was like 'Cool, no problem.'" Joe explained. After that, he said he left the club.

"After that, I was bouncing, getting ready to leave anyway so I told Trey [I was leaving] and we made a couple of toasts with some Patron and then I left."

I believe him. I can't see Trey fighting a man over another chick. I'm laughing out loud just thinking about it.

Disgraced track and field star Marion Jones wants to make a comeback to the world of professional sports as a WNBA player.

Jones, who served 6 months in prison for lying to the feds about her involvement in a sports doping scandal, has been practicing hard for a spot on a WNBA team.

“This is a second chance for me. I missed competitiveness,” Jones said. “I missed the challenges of participating in sports.”

“There isn’t a day I don’t reflect on some of the bad choices I made,” Jones said. “But I’m not going to crawl up in a corner. I know that anytime I’m involved there is going to criticism, skepticism and naysayers. But I know I’m on the right path now. This is just another little bit of the challenge.”

“It was never a question of whether I could do it physically,” Jones said. “It was do I want to welcome the scrutiny again in my life. I prayed about it.”

San Antonio Silver Stars coach Dan Hughes confirmed Jones has been practicing with his assistants to possibly play for his team.

Jones is no stranger to hoops. She was a star for North Carolina in her college days.