Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Anthony attended a NBA All-Star event at Phillipe Chow restaurant in Los Angeles, which is owned by Keyshia Cole's ex-manager Manny Hailey. All photos by Prince Williams/

BET 106 & Park co-hosts Rocsi and Terrence J attended a NBA All-Star event at Phillipe Chow restaurant with rapper Trina yesterday in Los Angeles. All photos by Prince Williams/

Singer Ne-Yo hosted an event at the Gucci boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday as part of the NBA All-Star festivities.

L-R: Club promoters Chubbie Baby, Alex Gidewon, posed with producer Swizz Beatz at the W hotel in Los Angeles last night. Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment was in town promoting star-studded events with his fiancee Elsa Belai for the NBA All-Star weekend.

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Miami Heat Forward Lebron James, 26, and rapper Jay Z, 41, attended their "Two Kings" Dinner & After Party at Craft Restaurant in Los Angeles last night. The "Two Kings" invitation-only dinner takes place annually during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union attended the "Two Kings" Dinner & After Party at Craft Restaurant honoring LeBron James and Jay Z'd egos in Los Angeles last night.

Jay Z attended the dinner without Beyonce, which only fueled rumors that the two have separated. But insiders close to Jay Z say the unlikely couple are still together. So we'll see if this is just another publicity stunt the two are pulling together to keep their names relevant.

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Yesterday, Dwyane Wade's concubine, Gabrielle Union, 38, got together with LeBron's "wife" Savannah Brinson, 26, at Montage Beverly Hills for a NBA wives All-Star Brunch benefiting The Step Up Women's Network. I'm assuming that those $300 Beats By Dre headphones were included in the ladies' gift bags.

The other "wives" at the brunch included, left to right: Jada Crawley, Gabrielle Union, Savannah Brinson, Adrienne Bosh and Ayesha Alexander.

Isn't Savannah beautiful? She embodies the type of clean, wholesome, God fearing woman that is hard to find these days because smart men like LeBron take them out of circulation quickly. Savannah and LeBron were high school sweethearts. They're not actually married yet, but they have two sons together, LeBron James Jr., 6, and Bryce Maximus James, 3. LeBron was Savannah's first serious boyfriend.

That's right girl! Show off your $24,000 Hermes bag that your man bought you!

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Being wealthy is not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, you can buy everything your little heart desires, but you will also fall victim to greedy, unscrupulous people who are determined to separate you from your money.

People such as Vicki Lynne Jordan dba Jordan Victoria, owner of Event Couture LLC, who, according to my sources, overcharged rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris to plan their wedding in Florida last year.

Friends say Jordan, who had no previous experience planning weddings, went over the budget by $290,000 to plan the star-studded nuptials in a mansion on Star Island in Miami, Florida on July 31, 2010.

Problems began to arise almost immediately after Jordan was hired: Tiny wanted an outdoor wedding. But Jordan insisted on holding the wedding inside the beautiful, but cramped and sweltering mansion (see picture of the mansion below).

The invitations (which were described as "tacky") were sent out to guests a week and a half prior to the wedding. There was no rehearsal dinner. When Jordan arrived in Florida, she subcontracted the wedding to another wedding planner in Florida, which means she was paid twice for the same service.

She was given $80,000 to cater the reception for less than 200 wedding guests. Instead of lobster and filet mignon on their plates, the guests dined on chicken and Caesar salad at the reception.

Tiny paid $20,000 for linen for the reception. But Jordan allegedly kept the linen after the reception, telling the couple that she was having the linen cleaned.

Since the wedding in July, Jordan has refused numerous requests to turn over the wedding photos, videos or the thousands of dollars worth of wedding gifts that the couple received, including a Hermes blanket from local radio host Ryan Cameron (V-103).

Friends say Jordan told T.I. and Tiny that she had no idea what happened to the gifts -- despite the fact that Jordan and her assistants were seen pushing 3 large baggage carts loaded down with gifts after the wedding.

Some guests stuffed as much as $1,000 cash and checks into envelopes as wedding gifts. The cash and checks are also missing.

The only wedding gift the couple received was from actors Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who mailed their gift directly to the Grand Hustle offices in Atlanta.

The wedding photographer was Ray Santana of Ray Santana Photography, based in Florida. According to my source, a check for $8,000 was cut directly to Santana for his photography services (the source has the paid invoice to prove it). Yet Santana still refuses to hand over T.I. and Tiny's wedding pictures and video.

The only photos the couple have seen from their wedding so far are the ones guests took on their camera phones, which angered T.I. According to friends, he paid thousands of dollars to Jordan for tight security to prevent pictures from leaking out. "She was supposed to take care of that and she didnt," said my source.

According to my sources, Jordan told friends that T.I. and Tiny owe her less than $20,000, despite overcharging them $290,000 for her services. Sources say Jordan went on a shopping spree after returning to Atlanta. She allegedly bought a car, clothing and jewelry for herself.

According to my source, Tiny has hired an attorney and she plans to file a lawsuit later this year when her husband, T.I., who is serving 11 months in an Arkansas prison for a probation violation, is released in September.

"You don't do that to somebody's wedding. said my source. [Tiny] got one wedding gift and they're holding her wedding pictures hostage. Who would do that? It's a moral thing."


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Photo of mansion by Ray Santana

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Rick Ross, 35, hosted the launch of Social Studies at CREAM Ultra Lounge in Atlanta on Wednesday (Feb. 16). The occasion was also a birthday celebration for Grand Hustle's OG Dean of The Hustle, Clay Evans. Social Studies Wednesdays is taught to you each and every Wednesday by Music Business Politics and Botchey Entertainment. Class is in session from 10PM to 4AM.

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Rapper Bow Wow, 23, hosted "Thursday Nights" at Gold Room last night (promoted by Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment and Slimm of Plush Blue Ent.) When it comes to the ladies, Bow Wow enjoys a smörgåsbord of tasty filets. The Columbus native spent most of the night in the VIP surrounded by a bevy of LSLH honeys (the only type that he prefers). When a Twitter follower asked him when he would settle down with just one wifey, he responded: "Wheneva i can find a "Real" woman"

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The Queen Bee Lil Kim called into the Ryan Cameron Show yesterday to clear up allegations that she lied about selling 113K copies of her new mixtape, Black Friday, on PayPal.

Ryan said he called PayPal and they confirmed that a seller can have as many transactions as they want. The maximum amount of a single transaction on PayPal is $10,000.

"The haters are always going to be there and we need them, ya na ah mean?", said Kim.

Kim said Black Friday is a diss record toward rapper Nicki Minaj and Cash Money Records CEO Bryan "Baby" Williams.

Kim said she didn't even consider picking up the phone to call Nicki Minaj's people to find out why she was disrespecting her. "At the end of the day, it was too far gone for alla dat," she said.

Kim also expressed disappointment in music moguls Sean "Puffy" Combs and Baby, who she said were both "part of the problem."

"Me knowing Puffy and being with Puffy for so long... if this was back in the day, he would never let any of those records go out."

Proud mommy Monica Brown posted this adorable pic of her son Lil Rocko, 5, on her Twitter page a few weeks ago. She tweeted: "I'm So proud of my son Rocko, being crowned for excellence in academics & excelling *tears of joy*" Daddy is rapper Rocko Da Don.

Proud mommy, singer Keyshia Cole tweeted these cute pics of her son DJ, 1, and her fiance, NBA star Daniel "Booby" Gibson. She tweeted: "I love my son a my family so much. Protect your families ladies. And gentlemen let nothing come in-between your families happiness. Love ya"

Proud mommy LaShon Dixon showed off her two handsome sons by rapper T.I., Messiah, 11, and Domani, who will be 10 next month. She tweeted this about her scholar Messiah: "He's almost taller than me lol. No sports he's a reader and video gamer. He's almost on 7th grade reading level!"

Remember that sexy Morning Wood I posted on Monday featuring Lady Gaga's man servant carrying her egg at the Grammys?

Well, his name is Manwe Sauls-Addison and he has a Twitter page.

Manwe is a model, choreographer and modern dancer who resides in the U.S. But he's well-known over in Europe.

Follow him at @manwe4u.

It's a shame that almost all of you assumed the man was gay. He didn't seem gay to me. Normally, I would get a vibe from gay gays -- even the undercover ones. But I got nothing from him.

Why do we insist on labeling black men as gay simply because they're unavailable to us, or they're sexy beyond belief?

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Grammy Award winning Soul legend Aretha Franklin is planning a triumphant return to the stage in May, according to

The singer, who underwent gastric bypass surgery (according to inside sources) in early December, will play her first concert since the surgery on May 28 at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Buffalo, N.Y.

Though she's feeling better than she has in years, Ms. Franklin, 68, steadfastly refuses to admit she had gastric bypass surgery done. She's not alone; many celebrities have undergone the procedure and then lied about it, saying they lost the weight through diet and exercise.

It's too bad that celebrities won't use their high profile access to the public to talk about the health benefits of gastric bypass surgery. What it is about human nature that makes us deny self-improvement procedures as if these procedures are somehow taboo?

Since her surgery, Aretha has focused on her diet, which she changed drastically per doctor's orders. She is noticeably slimmer but she won't say how much weight she lost.

Instead, Ms. Franklin talks about maintaining the weight she's at now. "I want to not only maintain the weight I am at now, but better it, by one dress size," the Queen of Soul said Wednesday in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

Ms. Franklin cancelled concert plans last year prior to her surgery due to an undisclosed illness. But sources say Franklin was feeling fatigued and short of breath due to the heavy physical demands placed on her by her concert performances.

"Her doctor told her to lose the weight or she might die," said my source who works for the singer's record label.

Aretha is sticking to a strict low fat, low cholesterol, low salt diet, but she said it will be tough to avoid eating her post-high fat, high calorie snacks, such as chitterlings, pigs' feet and ham hocks.

"They're off my diet. They just really don't fit with Whole Foods," she said. "I had it for enough years that I don't miss it. You can't continue to eat things that are not good for you."

"When you come off (a high-energy concert), a carrot or some celery just isn't going to work. I've gotta do a fresh fruit thing ... and come up with some tasty and satisfying recipes that are going to work for me after concerts."