George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot an unarmed teenager in Sanford, Florida, no longer has a web presence.

Zimmerman's website, which was used to solicit money to pay his living expenses and legal bills, has been taken down.

Trayvon Martin supporters were angered by Zimmerman's lack of remorse for Trayvon on the website. Instead, Zimmerman posted pictures of racist graffiti, and whined about his inability to get a job due to death threats.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a spokesman for Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara said Wednesday the website was taken down intentionally, and that people should not look for it to come back.

R&B crooner Usher was snapped leaving a restaurant in NYC today. Meanwhile, singer Christina Milian was spotted at Star magazine's All Hollywood party Tuesday night at AV Nightclub. Wouldn't Usher and Christina Milian make a perfect couple? They both think very highly of themselves, and they both share the same feminine characteristics. Is Usher still with that older woman, Grace Miguel?

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I was 5-years-old when I first started drawing in correct perspective. Adults and children were amazed. They asked me how I did it. As a little kid, with my limited vocabulary, all I could muster was "I just draw what I see." It seemed strange to me that people couldn't just draw what they saw, too.

The Huffington Post has an article that strives to explain why some people can draw and most people can't.

It seems that realistic drawing ability hinges on three factors: how a person perceives reality, how well he or she remembers visual information from one moment to the next, and which elements of an object he or she selects to actually draw.

In reality, the reason most people can't draw is because they can't see in perspective. That part of the brain that allows people to see in proper perspective just didn't develop in most baby's brains in the womb. For instance, take a look at this Photoshopped picture of rap mogul Jay Z and a cat.

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This is getting ridiculous. Just when we thought the recent arrests of weave thieves meant the weave stealing spree in Atlanta was over -- they strike again.

WSBTV reports that brazen hair weave robbers stole a U-Haul truck, and used it to crash through the storefront of J&J Beauty Supply store on Sylvan Road early Wednesday morning.

After crashing through the window, the thieves abandoned the truck and made a beeline for the high priced weave before fleeing in a second vehicle.

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While President Barack Obama is making nightly appearances on TV talk shows, Republican candidate Mitt Romney is sweeping primaries and topping him in the polls.

Romney swept all five Republican primaries being contested Tuesday to secure the Republican nomination. Only Obama stands between him and the White House.

"The last few years have been the best that Barack Obama can do," Romney said, "but it's not the best America can do. Tonight is the beginning of the end of the disappointments of the Obama years, and it's the start of a new and better chapter that we will write together."

Vote responsibly at the polls this November, kids. Watch President Obama slow jam the news on Jimmy Fallon after the break.

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After performing at TIME Magazine's insufferably boring 100 Most Influential people gala, Rihanna was spotted arriving back at her hotel wearing a cute lingerie outfit with a big red bow. The paparazzi informed RiRi that People magazine named Beyonce Most Beautiful Woman -- and Rihanna laughed out loud at that one.
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When a loyal reader told me that saloon singer Beyonce was named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman, I thought it was a joke.

I guess Gabrielle Union was too black for People magazine?

"I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth," says PEOPLE's 2012 World's Most Beautiful Woman. "I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth."

"The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy," she adds. "The word 'love' means something completely different now." Source

But even more interesting than People considering Beyonce more beautiful than Gabrielle, is the fact that Beyonce has apparently banned attention whore Kim Kardashian from her inner circle.

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Comedian/actor Martin Lawrence has lost his trophy wife.

According to, Lawrence and his wife Shamicka have decided to end their marriage.

"Martin and Shamicka Lawrence have decided to divorce," a rep for the Big Momma's House star, 47, tells PEOPLE. "The couple has made the joint decision to part ways."

Not surprisingly, the two were together for 15 years before they finally tied the knot in 2010.

I would say that Shamicka followed Kim Porter's "Guide for Jump Offs and Gold Diggers" to a tee, but this is no time for jokes.

"Out of love and respect for one another we will continue to remain friends and raise our two beautiful daughters together," the couple said in a joint statement released to PEOPLE by his rep.

As soon as insecure black men get a little paper and fame, they find themselves a gold digger/trophy wife to impress the other insecure black men in their circles. But marriages built on insecurity (and gold digging) never last long.

Breaking news just in ...

From Washington Times:

Former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault in the wake of an altercation with his estranged wife that got her arrested at their mansion in suburban Dallas.

Police said late Tuesday that further investigation led to citations against both Deion and Pilar Sanders, who still live together in Prosper.

Police say the charge doesn’t warrant arrest. A police spokesman wouldn’t detail the allegations, but says simple assault could be as simple as touching or jerking from a grip.

A message left with Sanders‘ attorney wasn’t immediately returned.

Developing ...

Rihanna, 24, was seen heading out of her hotel wearing a fuschia dress on her way to attend the Time 100 gala in NYC tonight. Rihanna was named one of Time's 100 most influential people, despite the fact that she smokes marijuana trees, and drinks and cusses like a sailor. Clearly the Time editors don't count character or morals when they pick their honorees.

Rihanna's mother flew in from Barbados to attend the gala with her troubled daughter.

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Men lie, women lie, body language doesn't.

I'm no expert, but it is obvious from the body language of reality personality Kim Kardashian that she is not in love with rap producer Kanye West.

As Dr. Lillian Glass, a renowned expert on body language points out: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have zero chemistry together.

From caught up with the top body language expert after Kim and Kanye public displayed their love in NYC at Scott Disick‘s restaurant opening, and she tells us that they’re turning up the heat for the E! cameras!

“No matter what anyone says the body doesn’t lie,” Dr. Glass tells us. “Kanye and Kim may be holding hands and may be all smiles for the camera but the truth is they are looking in different directions which means they are not like minded. There is too much physical space between them. When people are truly into one another you don’t know where one ends and the other begins.”

Even though the two of them are smiling and holding hands Dr. Glass says there’s no chemistry between them.

“There is a stiffness in Kim’s body language,” Dr. Glass the author of Toxic People and Toxic Men adds. “You don’t feel the chemistry between the two of them. No matter how [many] KW earring sets she wears we are not feeling it because neither are they.

While there may be a lot of lust going on behind closed doors, the emotional and mental connection required in a deep relationship seems to be lacking in my view.”

*(bold emphasis mine)

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The middle aged couple don't fit the profile of common criminals. As they fiddled with the lock on the door of the foreclosed trailer their son had just bought, the couple didn't hear danger creeping up behind them.

Porterdale resident Robert Canoles and his teenage son, Branden, heard noises coming from the property next door Thursday night. Just like George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Florida -- the Canoles saw a black man, and automatically assumed he was a criminal.

They grabbed their AR-15 rifles and snuck up behind Jean-Joseph Kalonji, 61, and his 57-year-old wife, Angelica.

"Shut up or I'll shoot," Canoles allegedly told the Kalonjis who attempted to explain that their son Benji purchased the property legally.

But when asked to provide paperwork to prove the sale, the Kalonjis didn't have the papers with them.

Earlier that day, after their son closed on the sale, their real estate agent urged the couple to go out to the 11 acre property and change the locks on the door.

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Welp, Deion Sanders got his wish. After months of dealing with an unwanted guest in his palatial Dallas estate, a judge has ordered his estranged wife Pilar Sanders to stay away from the mansion.

Pilar, who was arrested Monday night on domestic abuse charges after Mr. Sanders accused her of assaulting him, was released from a Dallas jail Tuesday morning.

According to a CBS local affiliate, Collin County magistrate Paul Raleeh granted Mr. Sanders an emergency protective order against her.

The order means Pilar can't go anywhere near the estate -- and if she so much as breathes on Deion in public she will be locked up until her trial.

Now Mr. Sanders can move Hollywood trampoline Tracey Edmonds into his home. Babyface's ex-wife and Mr. Sanders have been dating for months. Pilar cited Edmonds as the reason for the breakup of their marriage.

Like her messed up attitude had nothing to do with the break up.

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It is very difficult for a narcissist to resist a good source of narcissistic supply for very long. In Nicki Minaj's case, it only took 9 days for her to reboot her Twitter page after deleting it in a classic narcissistic rage.

It will take less time than that for Nicki to re-gain her millions of followers -- at which time she will likely end her Stans' suffering by posting a tweet.

Last week Nicki said a voice in her head told her to delete her Twitter page. She also indicated she would be back, saying she hoped her Stans would wait for her.

Twitter allows users 30-days to reactivate deleted accounts. So expect to see a lot more narcissistic celebs throwing Twitter tantrums and deleting their accounts, only to return before the 30-day grace period is over.

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A cocaine dealer with a sweet tooth is out of luck if he's looking for his chocolate bars with the powdered cocaine filling.

Customs officials seized the chocolate bar shipment -- street value $130,000 -- at Dulles International Airport on Sunday, April 22.

The cocaine was discovered in the luggage of a Guatemalan woman who arrived on a flight from El Salvador on Sunday.

According to the Washington examiner, a suspicious Customs and Border Protection officer found the unusual looking chocolate bars, cut one open, and found a bar of cocaine wrapped in plastic, covered in chocolate, said CBP spokesman Robert Hunt.

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