Beyonce Nicki Minaj Flawless remix

The Internet is buzzing about R&B singer Beyonce teaming up with rapper Nicki Minaj for a remix of Bey's "Flawless" single. On the track Nicki announces she's "the queen of rap slaying with Queen Bey." But Beyonce surprised everyone when she referenced the now infamous elevator beatdown of her aging husband, Jay Z, by her sister Solange: "Of course sometimes sh*t go down when it's a billion dollars on the elevator," said Bey.

What is Beyonce's point? Is she saying an obscene amount of money made her sister mentally unstable?


Ms Jane Doe tweet

  • Hershey

    :rofl: The Queen is fcking with media

  • Yardgirl

    Thanks for the Sunday post Miss Sandra!! Happy Sunday to you, Hershey and weekend Roses :waves:

    Errrmahgawd, Beyonce is effing with the media big time!!
    :haha: <<--- Jay and B laughing at us!!

  • Aryanna

    What are you saying beyonce? . Throwing out the amount that y'all are worth doesn't change the fact solange tore jay z axx up and it wasn't normal. Lmao! Now you tryna throw off on the money you make. You know damn well you was embarrassed when get tape leaked.

  • VDot

    :lol: at the cash register machine after that line. And that Outkast beat :phew: Talk that sh!t Bey :bow: NOW GIVE US A VIDEO BEY!! #Flawless *does rapid hand movement*

  • Aryanna

    Your sister beat your husband up .. Hmm sounds pretty flawed to me lol

  • San ah make ya dance

    @cost yassss :nun: gotdamn gotdamn Gotdamnnn! Fugg the rest of this shyt

  • San ah make ya dance

    :huh: @vdot I meant

  • therapist1911

    Someone sounds mad

  • Smonae

    Don't they Therapist :rofl:
    Beyonce is saying she is.. oh never mind :hahaha:

  • Trucie


  • mizzdallas

    This song sounds stupid .....

  • Ni ni

    Hoodrats and queens everywhere are Ike :cheer: .

  • Ni ni


  • MrsL

    Cute selfies. :thumbsup:

  • MisUnderstood

    :yawn: If it's not an issue why address it, even in song?

  • ShadeQueen46

    Nicki reached to the high heavens bish is the peasant of rap! In my opinion BeyondSay has hit the lowest of low career wise for teaming up with that tourettes having koon. In 20 years we wont be playing this music, her music has no substance. nothing timeless or classic bout this mediocre ish the sheep ate it up tho :tea: anywho back to tweet's southern hummingbird album

  • ShadeQueen46

    We wont see grandma's & aunties percy poppin to her music, in 10 years they'll still be doing the wobble.

  • Locapoca

    Well Jane Doe sure did snap didn't she? And the bey hive will come to attack her just like they did ol boy in the movie My Girl in 5, 4, 3, 2,... :ak47:

  • LadyLew

    I like them both but they could have kept this remix. I thought I was going crazy when everyone was saying it was hawt :phew:

  • Matchsticks

    I'm a Bey fan, but she could have kept this garbage azz sounds silly to be honest... :shrugs:

  • Crickett

    Beyonce on every news channel this morning. Her husband is a rapper, I like when she gets thuggish. If her and JayZ are having problems I think it may stem from her relationship with her father.