I wish this was a sick joke but it isn't. Hopefully none of you are surprised by any of this. A lot of us saw this coming but we thought Obama would wait until at least 2011 to make his move. But I guess his overseers in the middle east are in a hurry to set up camp right here in the U.S. with the full blessings of our government. Anyway, expect more terrorists to begin moving into a neighborhood near you.

From The LA Times:

    The Obama administration is preparing to admit into the United States as many as seven Chinese Muslims who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay in the first release of any of the detainees into this country, according to current and former U.S. officials.

    Their release is seen as a crucial step to plans, announced by President Obama during his first week in office, to close the prison and relocate the detainees. Administration officials also believe that settling some of them in American communities will set an example, helping to persuade other nations to accept Guantanamo detainees too...

    Officials have not said where in the United States they might live. But many Uighur immigrants from China live in Washington's Virginia suburbs, and advocates have urged that the detainees be resettled near people who speak their language and are familiar with their customs.

I honestly don't know why people are making such a big deal out of British singer Susan Boyle's singing voice. Any opera singer can do cartwheels around her. I'm getting tired of seeing this lady on my favorite right wing conservative shows like The O'Reilly Factor. Anyway, the 48-year-old British school teacher caved in to the pressure from Simon Cowell and 'em and got herself a stylish makeover with a new blunt haircut and brand name clothes. Too bad she didn't tell Simon to kiss her arse and accept her the way she is.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore a cute J Crew cardigan sweater with black slacks as she spoke to children during the "Take Your Child to Work Day" event at the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC yesterday. I love that sweater with the argyle pattern contrasted by sequins and solid block colors. It's different and not too trendy.

I do believe the White House has seen more kids in the past 100 days than ever before in its storied history. Dealing with a bunch of screaming kids that's not yours can wear a sista out. And just think: she's doing it without a court order.

Mrs. Obama could be out shopping or ordering her staff around like I'd be doing if I were her. If anything, she has helped to boost student interest in visiting the stale old White House.

Off topic: doesn't Mrs. Obama seem to glow when He's not around?

Photos: Getty Images

Nas with Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment

Rapper Nas was feeling the love last night at the exclusive Secret Society party at an undisclosed location in Atlanta. Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment (wearing black ball cap) envisioned a spot off the beaten path where his celebrity friends and VIPs could chill in a relaxed atmosphere, while still getting their networking on. Last night's party was hosted by rapper Nas. Special thanks to Prince Williams of ATLPICS.net for the exclusive pics!

Celebrity stylist Tameka Raymond (Swanky Image Group) and her BFF, socialite Eboni Elektra (3 Brown Girls). Some of you may be wondering why Tameka doesn't party with her hubby Usher. I think that's some kind of Southern tradition. Here in Atlanta, wives don't generally attend the same nightclubs as their husbands. The wives go out with their girls and husbands go clubbing with their boys. It's different when it's a major event.

Nicole Johnson (3 Brown Girls) with super producer Jazze Pha

Jazze Pheezy with Keyshia Cole's manager Manny Halley (right)

R&B crooner Trey Songz and a guest

Tameka Raymond and rapper Fabolous partied hard (but not together)

L to R: DJ Baby Yu, Alex Gidewon and Sean "The Pen" Garrett

Photos by ATLPics.net

I had a dream about R&B crooner Usher the other night. In my dream he was uncharacteristically warm and friendly toward me. All through my dream he was so nice and charming -- and then I woke up.

Anyway, this is a new track that leaked onto the Internets, according to RNB Music blog. It doesn't say where the track originated from or if it's on his upcoming CD.

While in D.C. yesterday, Usher spoke on the recent drama involving Barack Obama and why many in this country are turning against Obama because they feel he is a terrorist sympathizer.

"Everyone has been so critical. But yet the issues that we're facing, they're not issues that just started today, last week, last month. I think that he’s doing an incredible job as a president."

Audio source


Barack Obama want us to believe that these people have been wronged by America. He wants us to believe that the Bush administration wrongfully tortured terrorists in order to extract information from them that kept Americans safe. Obama doesn't want you to see this video of the Taliban brutally beheading Pakistani troops.


DISCLAIMER: I didn't watch the video. I took the source's word for it that it contains intense images of beheadings. That's not my cup of tea. So you have been warned...


Monica was the picture of perfection at the official 2009 NFL draft party at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC last night. Her youngest son Romelo sent me an email last night inviting me to his big brother Lil Rocko's birthday party in a airplane hangar next month. He also sent me a pic of his haircut. He is too cute!

This is a beautiful portrait of two Divas, singer Monica and model/TV personality Tocarra at the Official 2009 NFL Draft Party Hosted By Kim Kardashian And Vernon Davis last night in NYC.

L to R: Singer Adrienne Bailon, model Chanel Iman and socialite/TV personality Kim Kardashian attended the Official 2009 NFL Draft Party Hosted By Kim Kardashian And Vernon Davis.

Actor Idris Elba attended the Cinema Society and MCM screening of "Obsession" last night in NYC, putting to bed rumors that he refused to do promo for the movie. I told you kids to stop believing everything you read on the Internets.

He looked so nice I had to post him twice! Idris also attended the after party for the Cinema Society and MCM screening of "Obsessed" at the Bowery Hotel in NYC last night.

Can we even refer to Melyssa Ford as a socialite at this point? Anyway, she attended the official 2009 NFL draft party at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC last night. How do you like her faux Christian Louboutins?

PR Diva Christy Henderson and Luda's manager Chaka Zulu (looking twisted) attended the official 2009 NFL draft party at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC last night.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Sometimes Nicole Murphy looks hawt and then other times she falls way short of the mark. Why can't she be consistent? Maybe it's the camera angle that fails to soften her sharp features. Nicole attended her beau Michael Strahan's retirement party in NYC last night

Struggling R&B artist Trey Songz performed live at BMI's 12th annual Unsigned Urban Showcase at E.S.S.O. Nightclub in Atlanta last night. He's in Atlanta working in the studio with JD hoping to jump start his career. My grandmother (RIP) used to call this type of effort the blind leading the blind.

L to R: Songwriter Sean "The Penn" Garrett, Sr. Vice president of BMI Catherine Brewton, and rap artist Lil Jon attended BMI's 12th annual Unsigned Urban Showcase at E.S.S.O. Nightclub right here in Atlanta last night. Later they headed over to AG's Secret Society party co-hosted by Nas.

L to R: Model-turned-TV personality Tyson Beckford, rapper-turned-DJ-turned-celebrity photographer DJ D-Nice, and DJ Moss chillin' at the Grand Opening celebration of The Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken hotel in NYC last night.

I'm sure some of you cougars remember this cute blast from the past. Taimak is one of the few actors who will always be remembered for just one role he played: as Leroy in The Last Dragon. LisaRaye is another such actor who will be remembered for one role.

Industry veteran Phillana Williams attended the Artist Managers From A - Z (Urban Committee Event) at New York Chapter Office yesterday. I LOVE her! She is the consummate professional. Phillana looked out for me back in the 90s by hiring me to shoot events when she worked for LaFace Records. She is the former manager of Ciara (has anyone seen her lately?) who now manages TIffany Evans and rap artist Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob. If you want your career to go that next level, holla at Phillana!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Could you do a quick analysis of these photos of First Lady Michelle Obama with her husband Barack Obama and tell me if her closed body language indicates tension or defensiveness?

In an interview with People magazine earlier this year, Michelle revealed that her marriage to Barack wasn't perfect. Since then she seems to be cold and distant to her husband. Especially during momentary lapses when she forgets there's a camera around -- such as in these photos.

Michelle's non-verbal body language is clear and unmistakable. It's also an involuntary reaction, meaning Michelle is probably not even consciously aware that she's repulsed by her husband's touch.

What could be the problem? I know this probably sounds far fetched, but do you think Michelle really approved of White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers moving to D.C. with them?

Compare Michelle's closed body language in the above photos with Desiree Rogers' very open body language with Barack in the photo below.