Punk/rock/R&B Diva Pink brought a circus atmosphere to the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards tonight when she sang "Glitter In The Air" from her Funhouse album. The athletic star twirled, flipped, and spun like a precision top while suspended from a white sheet. No one else touched this performance. Pink should have won a GRAMMY for putting the 'show' into the GRAMMY Awards show.

Who else wishes Pink would have sang her hit "Stupid Girl" while Beyonce sat looking stupid in the audience?

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I'll be dining out tonight, so, unfortunately, I will miss the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast (as I always do every year). You can use this open thread to jot down your thoughts and opinions on tonight's show, or whatever else is on your mind.

Don't forget, tomorrow I'm posting my revealing videotaped interview with actress and former First Lady LisaRaye, who co-hosted the Trumpet Awards over the weekend!

Below and after the break are photos from last night's Clive Davis pre-GRAMMY party.

Doesn't Rihanna look fabulous in her Viktor and Rolf 2010 Spring Collection tulle corset dress?

Psuedo-singer Ciara wore Big Bird Couture last night on the red carpet. Actually, she was wearing Givenchy from the Spring 2010 Couture Collection, according to the Fashion Critic.

Remember when Usher was king of R&B? It's a shame what Tameka Foster did to his career.

Keri Hilson looks like the statue of liberty in this gold chainlink dress with shimmering gold powder dust all over her body. Too much?

Taylor Swift should win an award just for killing Kanye West's career

MORE pics after the break!

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It's random, I know. But it looks like LA Laker Lamar Odom is another one of those opportunist ball players (like Matt Kemp) who get it in with any female celebrity hoping for a little shine.

I checked the archives and this footage was shot at Lil Kim's birthday party in 2008. But Lil Kim is all in his lap indicating they might have had a fling.

Loyal reader Brooke writes:

Hey sandra,

I just came across this picture and video of khloe kardashian's husband lamar odom and lil kim getting a little too close for comfort, the picture is harmless, but in the video she is all on his lap. I know khloe and him haven't been married for that long, but "was" or "is" lil kim creeping with him?

It isn't easy being an immature narcissist with the common sense of a hamster.

Last week, actor George Clooney and producers of the successful Haiti telethon banned troubled rapper/producer Kanye West from participating. At the time, a producer said, “Kanye has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it’s just not about him.”

It seems the Hollywood blacklisting of Kanye West continues: the Grammy winner didn't receive any nominations or an invite to attend the Awards show.

The Grammy nominations themselves were a stern rebuke of West, after his lash-out at Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, since his phenomenal album “808s and Heartbreaks” didn’t get any nods – which is unbelievable considering each of his last albums has not only been nominated for several awards, but all of them actually won the trophy for best rap album. Now, after releasing his most subtle and mature album, he gets no love. What else could be the reason except for an extended fallout from the Taylor Swift fiasco? Read More...

If this keeps up, people will begin referring to Kanye West as Amber Rose's boyfriend.

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According to singer Etta James' son, the Diva was hospitalized about a week ago with sepsis (a serious blood infection) caused by a urinary tract infection.

Donto James said his mother entered a drug rehab facility on the west coast to shake her dependency on prescription drugs. She was transferred to another facility then to the hospital when her condition worsened.

James is best known for her timeless classic "At Last" which was the subject of a full length movie starring burlesque singer Beyonce. Speaking of Beyonce, her perfume ad debuted this morning all over the Internet.

After weeks of speculation and rumors of domestic abuse surrounding her relationship with Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, pop singer Rihanna now says she's single.

Rihanna chose a colorful dress for her performance on Ellen for an episode that will air Monday.
The 21-year-old pop star talked about her tattoos, her love life and the future.

Here are the highlights:

On her love life:

Ellen: “I read that you said you’re going to fall in love by 31 years old. That is your goal that you have to be in love by 31. Is that real? Did you say that.”
Rihanna: “No, but I hope I am. 31 is a decade away. I better be in love by then.”
Ellen: “Are you dating anyone now?”
Rhianna: “No, I’m single.”
Ellen: “Really, what about that guy we keep seeing you with…”
Rihanna: (Laughs)


RuPaul, the nation's most famous drag queen says (s)he will not be in attendance at New York's pompous Fashion Week next week.

When asked if (s)he'll participate in Fashion Week, RuPaul replied, "I don't. I cannot stand the people. I think the fashion people are so nasty and so pretentious. One thing that I am not is pretentious and I cannot stand pretentious people. I love fashion, love color, love texture, love all of that. But all of the people who surround that are rot-ten." Season two of RuPaul's Drag Race premieres on February 1. Read more...

Photo: Splash News Online

Don't you hate it when con artists take advantage of nice people? Well, allegedly, that's what happened to former Soap star Victoria Rowell who found herself the victim of a crafty local con artist.

The former Young & The Restless star has been in the news recently due to rampant speculation that she might be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

According to a concerned friend, Rowell met a man in Atlanta who goes by the aliases Jasper Rose, Jasper Hood and Prince. The friend said he passes himself off as a "celebrity wardrobe stylist" who claims to have worked with stylist Rachel Zoe. His client list supposedly included singer Monica, Amber Rose, Danity Kane, and others.

The friend said Rowell needed a stylist for a shoot and she trusted Rose/Hood with her American Express card to pull clothes for the shoot at high end boutiques. But during his shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue Club, he also pulled pieces for himself, racking up a bill of $30,000.

According to Rowell's friend, the man was able to gain her trust by convincing her he also styled Monica for her album shoot in New York last month.

The friend said Rowell is doubly concerned because he had access to her home and he has her driver's license information as well as her credit card info (she canceled the Amex card).

The friend said Rowell and her husband recently moved to Atlanta from LA. "Her being new to Atlanta and not really knowing anybody made Victoria an easy target," she said.

She said Rowell is in the process of filing a police report but she doesn't know the con artist's real name.

Apparently, Jasper/Hood is aware that Rowell has been asking around about him which prompted him to tweet this yesterday:

Music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs was spotted leaving the Black Eyed Peas concert at the Paladium in LA last night. Puff was the fodder of many blog posts this week after his first baby mama, Misa Hylton, called him and his other baby mama Kim Porter out during a radio interview.

It's interesting to note that Misa was aware of Sean's other baby mama, Sarah Chapman, for almost 16 years. But the two women only recently became friends after Sarah's adorable baby girl Chance was born. Before Chance was born, Sarah and Misa never once exchanged words or greetings. They weren't friends at all. But now Sarah and Misa absolutely "adore" each other's children, and they make their friendship work for the children.

That's what mature, intelligent women do: they selflessly put their children first!

By the way, Misa is is putting out her own hair line, according to TaSh. The line is called Unconfined Coif, and uses only quality Yaki. Misa not only owns the line but she wears it too! Until now, it's been difficult finding human hair weave that is manufactured and distributed by a sistah. Good for her!

Misa photo by: Derek Blanks/dblanks.com

So there's a rumor going around the industry that a certain rapper's new shawty, who happens to be one of his stylists, is telling friends that the rapper is childish and immature.

This stylist, who has a job working for corporate America making good money, also styles other celebrity clients on the side. But the rapper frequently flies her in to style him and serve him.

Lately the stylist has begun telling friends that while the sex is good, she wants the rapper to get serious with her despite the fact that the rapper and his ex singer girlfriend have reportedly begun seeing each other again.

The stylist tells friends that their "casual" relationship grew once she saw him completely naked while styling him at one of his gigs.

"It's not a Tameka and Usher type of thing," she is quoted as saying.

The rapper and his stylist are both the same age, but she's telling friends she wishes he would "mature a little quicker." According to friends, she told him, "You can't do what Janet and JD are doing. You need to be a little bit more mature than that."

Which begs the question: What are Janet and JD doing? I thought they broke up?

You have to be some kind of stupid to commit major crimes these days. Life behind bars is no picnic. Most inmates find themselves fighting for their lives or fighting to keep from being gang raped. Life in the Pen can be rougher than life on the streets. Rules change behind bars. Men who consider themselves hard on the outside, suddenly get in touch with their feminine side when their sexual urges are too strong.

After viewing this documentary on sexual assault behind bars, is it any wonder that rappers wear their pants on the ground? It's a habit they picked up in prison to make it easier to have sex behind bars. But your impressionable sisters and daughters find these rappers' homosexual tendencies sexy?

6-year-old Jasmina Amena lost her courageous battle to leukemia yesterday. Her mother Thea made the sad announcement: "Today, January 27, at 10:55 p.m., Jasmina lost her fight against leukemia."

Singers Rihanna and Lil Mama helped rally support to help find a suitable bone marrow donor for their young fan. But it was too late.

Commenting from the White House, U.S. president Barack Obama said:

"It is with great sadness today that Michelle and I extend our condolences on the passing of Jasmina Anema. Jasmina showed tremendous bravery in the face of adversity, and her ability to stay positive throughout her battle was an inspiration to me and to all those she touched. As the parents of two young girls, our hearts particularly go out to Jasmina's devoted mother Thea. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and with all who knew and loved Jasmina."

A verbal miscue by MSNBC host Chris Matthews once again stirred debate across the Internet following last night's state of the Union Address when he said U.S. President Barack Obama's speech made him forgot Obama was black.

Matthews later strained to clarify his remark by saying Obama is just now leading this country from its racial past “at least in presidential politics.” But as Hot Air points out, African Americans are not strangers to Washington politics:

Matthews has it exactly backwards. John Kennedy may not have had an African-American cabinet member, but his successor did, and we have had African-Americans in high federal office for at least five decades. His “at least in presidential politics” qualifier is exceedingly strange after an address to Congress, which has a strong and influential Congressional Black Caucus.

Do you think singer/songwriter Keri Hilson is sexy? Well, she does. “I think sex appeal is all about confidence,” Keri tells OK! I concur. Keri is in the current issue of OK! magazine on newsstands stands now.

Former music mogul and producer Jermaine Dupri rocked the house for Subsessions: A Journey Through 30 Years Of Hip Hop' party at the New York Transit Museum in NYC last night. Most men who were dumped publicly by a legend like Janet Jackson would have crawled under a house and died. But JD just keeps pluggin' while collection up to 10 Gs per night DJ'ing at popular nightclubs, mainly on the east coast.

MORE pics after the break!

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Rapper Ludacris cut a dashing figure at the at the ESSENCE Black Women in Music event in West Hollywood last nght.

Actress Gabrielle Union showed off her small curves at the ESSENCE Black Women in Music event at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood yesterday.

Actress Taraji P. Henson (L) and recording artist/actress Mary J. Blige attended the ESSENCE Black Women in Music event at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood last night.

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R&B Singer Ginuwine and Rapper Sole celebrated at the launch party for Moki Media PR last night.

Now that Solange Knowles' recording career is going nowhere, she's taken up the art of DJ'ing and some people are saying she's really good at it. There's no telling what her sister Beyonce Knowles, right, is going to do when her career ends. The sisters attended a 'Relief For Haiti Edition' party benefiting Yele Haiti at The Eldridge on Tuesday in NYC.

Gabourey Sidibe looks like she dropped a few pounds. The 'Precious' star attended the Australian premiere of "Precious" at the Dendy Opera Quays in Sydney, Australia this morning while you were sleeping.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

Loyal reader Gina wonders if there might be something a little off with burlesque singer Beyonce. In this video clip from Bey's upcoming 60 Minutes interview, she appears to morph into Sasha Fierce mode, which she says is her uninhibited onstage persona. But Beyonce is not onstage in this clip. It's obvious that Bey can no longer distinguish between her two inner personalities.

The question is: does Beyonce really believe she's Sasha Fierce? And is she in permanent Sasha Fierce mode because she can no longer cope with the harsh realities of the outside world?

Gina writes:

This had Sandra Rose-Medical moment written all over it, its the preview to Beyonce being on 60 minutes. Somewhere Ed Bradley is spinning in his grave.

Has Whitney Houston been on 60 minutes? Janet Jackson? heck Diana Ross? The promo is called "What Makes Beyonce Tick." I don't know if this is Beyonce in this clip or Sasha Fierce, I get so confused and all distinguishing between the two.

According to Ralph Lauren's website, the Classic-fit limited edition 100% cotton mesh Polo shirts for men and women are priced at $98 and are available online only.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund and its ongoing commitment to rebuilding Haiti. So you can be stylish and a philanthropic at the same time!

Colors are available in Red, black, White and Fall Blue

Styles also come in Custom fit for men and skinny fit for women

I'm not feeling the back of the shirts though

Thanks to loyal reader Tiffany Sade for the tip!

Props to R&B Diva Monica for listening to her fans and extending her next single "Everything To Me" to a full version. "Everything" was produced by Missy Elliott, who initially didn't see a need to extend the single from its original length of 2:23, saying it was "short, but sweet and straight to the point."

But Mo's fans made their opinions loud and clear on social networking sites like Twitter.com. The label then made the decision to add a bridge and additional tweaks, and we love the result.

Monica's new album 'Still Standing' is set for release on March 9!

Which big time Atlanta rapper is being dragged into court once again to increase his child support payments? That is, if the process server can catch up to him. The rapper and the baby mama had reached an agreement some years ago on monthly child support payments. But now the child is older and his private school here in Atlanta is eating up much of her support which doesn't even amount to the payments on, let's say, a Lamborghini... No, it isn't Yung Joc.


Which popular local radio DJ can breathe easier now that a paternity test came back negative? The baby mama in question is a local stripper. I'm not going to name the DJ because he's a nice guy. But he also has a wife and kids sooooo he gets no points for cheating on her. I'm putting this out there in case you ladies don't realize your men are doing a little more than just hanging out with the boys at the strip clubs.

Actress and former First lady of Turks & Caicos LisaRaye dances to Jay Sean's "Do You Remember". LisaRaye shows us how she won the audition for her role in 1998's 'The Players Club'.

Watching her get down, it's hard to believe LisaRaye is 42! Can your auntie bust a move like that?

Don't forget LisaRaye will be in town this weekend to host the Trumpet Awards. While she's here she plans to sit down with me for part 2 of our exclusive interview with the Diva!

So have your questions ready!

Thanks to Thad over at ExclusiveAccess.net for sending these behind the scenes photos taken on the set of Shawty Lo's "WTF" video shoot in Atlanta yesterday with rapper Lil Wayne.

Wayne, a New Orleans native, has less than two weeks of freedom left before he reports to a NY state prison to serve out a one year sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges in October. Wayne, 27, joins the growing list of rappers who trade in their sagging jeans for a prison jumpsuit while still at the top of their game.

Doesn't Monica's man Rocko look like Lil Rocko wearing his daddy's clothes? that boy is the spitting image of Rocko.

MORE pics after the break!

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Last night, I spoke with R&B singer/songwriter Sean Garrett who's been busy in the studio lately with, among others, singer Usher and rapper Ncki Minaj. Sean was pleased to know that a few of my readers find him very sexy, and one reader even asked for a Morning Wood post on the crooner. So Sean was happy to oblige with these exclusive pics only for Sandrarose.com readers!

Sean talked about his upcoming, as yet untitled new album. And he spoke on Usher's new album which leaked after Usher's laptop was stolen in a car break-in in early December. I asked Sean if he really believed Usher's whip was broken into and he said he did believe it because it happens.

I thought it would be nice if Sean took a couple of my readers out to lunch since I've already had the pleasure. But he suggested that my readers spend some time with him in the studio instead. Sean leaves for the Grammys today, so he said he would extend an invitation to a few of my readers as soon as he gets back to town! So stay tuned for details!

You never know what the day might bring if you're one of the lucky ones who gets to hang out with Sean Garrett in the studio!

Check out Sean's latest single titled "Get It All" featuring rapper Nicki Minaj that's getting crazy radio adds!

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"I do not know if what I’m about to write makes me a monster...," wrote former NBA player Paul Shirley before launching into a racially insensitive, open letter-styled attack on the people of Haiti in a blog post yesterday.

Dear Haitians –

First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded.

As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?


The Rest of the World

ESPN.com, which employed Shirley as a contributor, quickly released a statement yesterday firing the blogger. "He will no longer contribute to ESPN," read the statement.

Shirley, 32, who describes himself as a "basketball vagabond," has played for 11 teams and 5 countries in his brief professional career.

Thoroughly humiliated Portland Trailblazers star Greg Oden has released a statement apologizing to his fans and employers after graphic images of his odd shaped peen surfaced online yesterday.

Mr. Oden blamed the embarrassing leak on an ex-girlfriend whom he sent the pics to about 1½ years ago. Oden, who is only 21, became aware of the potentially damaging leak after a friend told him the pics were making the rounds on all the blogs.

"I would like to apologize to everybody: Portland, the fans, the organization," Oden told reporters at the Blazers practice facility. "It was very embarrassing."


According to loyal reader Grace Glamorous, Pink refers to Beyonce as a "Stupid Girl" in this cell phone video shot at a Pink concert last year.

Grace writes:

At 0:33 Pink dresses up as Beyonce, sings "Stupid Girls" and dances like Beyonce. (She portrays beys dance moves like a stripper would dance.. well pink is right!) too funny!


How ironic is it that the Democrats have effectively slammed the coffin on ObamaCare on the eve of U.S. president Barack Obama's State of the Union Address, which airs tonight?

These are the same Democrats who cried that "1000 people" would die daily if healthcare reform wasn't passed. Now they're saying they no longer feel pressured to move quickly on a health bill. Hmmmm...

With no clear path forward on major health care legislation, Democratic leaders in Congress effectively slammed the brakes on President Obama’s top domestic priority on Tuesday, saying that they no longer felt pressure to move quickly on a health bill after eight months of setting deadlines and missing them.

The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, deflected questions about health care. “We’re not on health care now,” he said. “We’ve talked a lot about it in the past.” He added, “There is no rush,” Read More...

Reid went on to say they would take their time to work on the health bills that were passed in the House and Senate in December, thus hinting at a reconciliation. But Senator Judd Gregg has vowed to make it an “extraordinarily difficult exercise” for Dems to pass the Senate bill through the House while getting the Senate to fix the bill with a “sidecar” through reconciliation…

And a GOP aide said, “If you bring a reconciliation bill to the Senate, it’s a free for all of amendments," suggesting that ObamaCare will be stalled until the mid-term elections in November when Congress is expected to hemorrhage Democrats as angry voters take to the polls again.

Thad over at ExclusiveAccess.net sent over this video containing behind the scenes footage of local rapper Shawty Lo's "WTF" shoot featuring Lil Wayne that took place yesterday right here in the A.

Now I can see why the tricks and groupies give Shawty Lo's lady Ecreia such a hard time. After dropping a bundle on dermatologists and skin treatments last year, Shawty Lo is turning out to be that dude, isn't he? Go on admit it, you're feelin' his swag, right?