Don’t you hate it when con artists take advantage of nice people? Well, allegedly, that’s what happened to former Soap star Victoria Rowell who found herself the victim of a crafty local con artist.

The former Young & The Restless star has been in the news recently due to rampant speculation that she might be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

According to a concerned friend, Rowell met a man in Atlanta who goes by the aliases Jasper Rose, Jasper Hood and Prince. The friend said he passes himself off as a “celebrity wardrobe stylist” who claims to have worked with stylist Rachel Zoe. His client list supposedly included singer Monica, Amber Rose, Danity Kane, and others.

The friend said Rowell needed a stylist for a shoot and she trusted Rose/Hood with her American Express card to pull clothes for the shoot at high end boutiques. But during his shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue Club, he also pulled pieces for himself, racking up a bill of $30,000.

According to Rowell’s friend, the man was able to gain her trust by convincing her he also styled Monica for her album shoot in New York last month.

The friend said Rowell is doubly concerned because he had access to her home and he has her driver’s license information as well as her credit card info (she canceled the Amex card).

The friend said Rowell and her husband recently moved to Atlanta from LA. “Her being new to Atlanta and not really knowing anybody made Victoria an easy target,” she said.

She said Rowell is in the process of filing a police report but she doesn’t know the con artist’s real name.

Apparently, Jasper/Hood is aware that Rowell has been asking around about him which prompted him to tweet this yesterday:

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was spotted leaving the Black Eyed Peas concert at the Paladium in LA last night. Puff was the fodder of many blog posts this week after his first baby mama, Misa Hylton, called him and his other baby mama Kim Porter out during a radio interview.

It’s interesting to note that Misa was aware of Sean’s other baby mama, Sarah Chapman, for almost 16 years. But the two women only recently became friends after Sarah’s adorable baby girl Chance was born. Before Chance was born, Sarah and Misa never once exchanged words or greetings. They weren’t friends at all. But now Sarah and Misa absolutely “adore” each other’s children, and they make their friendship work for the children.

That’s what mature, intelligent women do: they selflessly put their children first!

By the way, Misa is is putting out her own hair line, according to TaSh. The line is called Unconfined Coif, and uses only quality Yaki. Misa not only owns the line but she wears it too! Until now, it’s been difficult finding human hair weave that is manufactured and distributed by a sistah. Good for her!

Misa photo by: Derek Blanks/

So there’s a rumor going around the industry that a certain rapper’s new shawty, who happens to be one of his stylists, is telling friends that the rapper is childish and immature.

This stylist, who has a job working for corporate America making good money, also styles other celebrity clients on the side. But the rapper frequently flies her in to style him and serve him.

Lately the stylist has begun telling friends that while the sex is good, she wants the rapper to get serious with her despite the fact that the rapper and his ex singer girlfriend have reportedly begun seeing each other again.

The stylist tells friends that their “casual” relationship grew once she saw him completely naked while styling him at one of his gigs.

“It’s not a Tameka and Usher type of thing,” she is quoted as saying.

The rapper and his stylist are both the same age, but she’s telling friends she wishes he would “mature a little quicker.” According to friends, she told him, “You can’t do what Janet and JD are doing. You need to be a little bit more mature than that.”

Which begs the question: What are Janet and JD doing? I thought they broke up?

You have to be some kind of stupid to commit major crimes these days. Life behind bars is no picnic. Most inmates find themselves fighting for their lives or fighting to keep from being gang raped. Life in the Pen can be rougher than life on the streets. Rules change behind bars. Men who consider themselves hard on the outside, suddenly get in touch with their feminine side when their sexual urges are too strong.

After viewing this documentary on sexual assault behind bars, is it any wonder that rappers wear their pants on the ground? It’s a habit they picked up in prison to make it easier to have sex behind bars. But your impressionable sisters and daughters find these rappers’ homosexual tendencies sexy?

6-year-old Jasmina Amena lost her courageous battle to leukemia yesterday. Her mother Thea made the sad announcement: “Today, January 27, at 10:55 p.m., Jasmina lost her fight against leukemia.”

Singers Rihanna and Lil Mama helped rally support to help find a suitable bone marrow donor for their young fan. But it was too late.

Commenting from the White House, U.S. president Barack Obama said:

“It is with great sadness today that Michelle and I extend our condolences on the passing of Jasmina Anema. Jasmina showed tremendous bravery in the face of adversity, and her ability to stay positive throughout her battle was an inspiration to me and to all those she touched. As the parents of two young girls, our hearts particularly go out to Jasmina’s devoted mother Thea. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and with all who knew and loved Jasmina.”

A verbal miscue by MSNBC host Chris Matthews once again stirred debate across the Internet following last night’s state of the Union Address when he said U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech made him forgot Obama was black.

Matthews later strained to clarify his remark by saying Obama is just now leading this country from its racial past “at least in presidential politics.” But as Hot Air points out, African Americans are not strangers to Washington politics:

Matthews has it exactly backwards. John Kennedy may not have had an African-American cabinet member, but his successor did, and we have had African-Americans in high federal office for at least five decades. His “at least in presidential politics” qualifier is exceedingly strange after an address to Congress, which has a strong and influential Congressional Black Caucus.

Do you think singer/songwriter Keri Hilson is sexy? Well, she does. “I think sex appeal is all about confidence,” Keri tells OK! I concur. Keri is in the current issue of OK! magazine on newsstands stands now.

Former music mogul and producer Jermaine Dupri rocked the house for Subsessions: A Journey Through 30 Years Of Hip Hop’ party at the New York Transit Museum in NYC last night. Most men who were dumped publicly by a legend like Janet Jackson would have crawled under a house and died. But JD just keeps pluggin’ while collection up to 10 Gs per night DJ’ing at popular nightclubs, mainly on the east coast.

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