According to the folks over at STR8NYC, this is the cover art for Diddy's upcoming album, Last Train To Paris. They confirmed it with Capricorn Clark, the cool as ice global brand marketing director for Bad Boy Records.

I'm not surprised Sean's face isn't on his own album cover. If you knew your CD was wack would you put your picture on it?

Erykah Badu Has No Regrets

Outspoken singer sounds off about controversial video, motherhood and much more

Erykah Badu doesn¹t back down from anything and she definitely works hard to be true to herself. Gearing up for her Out My Mind, Just In Time multi-city tour, the mother of three tells Jet¹s Senior Writer Clarence Waldron that she¹s not moved by the recent controversy about her artistry or anyone¹s opinion about her in general. In fact, she has much more to say in this week¹s issue.

This issue of JET hits stands nationwide Monday, May 31.

Source: JMC | Johnson Publishing Co.

Pictures of 50 Cent looking like cracked out cancer patient hit the Internet yesterday and caused a sensation, until it came out that his emaciated appearance was helped along with Photoshop and stage makeup.

Two days ago Curtis was seen with his aunt in S. Carolina where he's shooting a Roots special for VH1. In the documentary, he traces his family tree (I don't know why his family tree requires a TV special unless it turns out he's related to 2Pac or something).

Photo: RR

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Who pissed off renegade rapper M.I.A. now? She just posted the private cell number of a journalist on Supposedly in retaliation for a story the writer did on her that she didn't like.


According to FUSE TV and MSNBC host Toure (who goes by the handle @Tourex on Twitter), the cell phone number belongs to Lynn Hirschberg who writes for New York magazine.

Hirschberg wrote this unflattering cover story on M.I.A. that was published on May 25th.

Update II, 3:10 pm ET:

Hirschberg has responded to M.I.A. giving out her private cell number on Twitter.

"It's a fairly unethical thing to do, but I don't think it's surprising," she continued. "She's a provocateur, and provocateurs want to be provocative."

Ms. Hirschberg said she wouldn't change her phone number.

"The messages have mostly been from people trying to hook up with M.I.A.," she said. "If she wants to get together with John at Bard next week, I have his number."

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The 3 Brown Girls: Nicole Johnson, left, Eboni Elektra and Kim Porter attended The Moet & Chandon's Sex and the City 2 Private Screening at Wooduff Arts Center in Atlanta last night.

Nia Riley (Teddy's daughter) and Deiondra Sanders (Deion Sanders daughter) also attended the screening. These two ladies are rumored to be bisexual lovers, but I have even better juice than that! According to a little birdie, Nia has allegedly been quietly sneaking over to Hawks star Al Horford's home to get her back twisted out. During one of her weekly chiropractor sessions in Horford's bedroom, she -- allegedly -- accidentally got pregnant. But, please, you didn't hear that from me.

Meanwhile, NFL legend Deion Sanders' daughter Deiondra never tires of spending daddy's money. Deiondra doesn't have a job (and if she can help it, she never will). I hear that daddy bought her a 2010 Mercedes CL600. I test drove one of those once, and before I could get it off the lot I knew I couldn't afford the pricey coupe with a price tag in the neighborhood of $120,000! But I test drove it anyway because a sista can dream can't she?

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On Wednesday during the 2nd round of the French Open, Tennis superstar Venus Williams wore the same black lacy negligee-type dress with flesh colored shorts that caused such controversy in the 1st round.

During intense action on the court yesterday, her tiny dress repeatedly flew up to reveal what appeared to be her bare butt cheeks. Of course this was intentionally done to gain Venus the attention she obviously craves -- though she denies it.

After Wednesday's match at Roland Garros (which she won by beating Spain's Arantxa Parra Santonja 6-2, 6-4), Venus told the assembled reporters that her outfits are not intended to generate attention. But they do anyway because of the genetics that God gave her.

"...the design has nothing to do with the rear. It just so happens that I have a very well developed one!"
"It's all genetic. If you look at mom and dad, you'll see the same thing happening. If you look at my sister (Serena), you'll see the same thing."

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Thanks to my loyal Canadian reader Kali for sending this video in. I bet this is one video Drake hoped you would never see. It clearly illustrates just how homophobic the Canadian rapper really is.

Drake may or may not be gay, but his actions sure are.

At the 1:21 mark of the video, the dreaded rep for 1LOVETO blog (who was on tour with Drake) reaches for the rapper's arm in a playful gesture (frame 2). Drake embarrasses the poor guy by yanking his arm back (frame 3) and asking "why are you linking arms with me, man?"

The brief look of sheer surprise on the poor guy's face is priceless! And Drake's giggling after his immature defensive reaction is indicative of his homophobia in response to being considered the gay rapper from up north.

Nowadays, with rappers feeling increasing pressure to prove how hard they are, a soft creampuff rapper like Drake stands out like a sore thumb!

Watch the video and read Kali's email after the break!

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In light of the sad story about two confused teens who lost their way in life and killed their mother, here's some good news for teens.

From Cherry Publicity:

Hi, friends! Hope all is well! As most of you know, Atlanta Falcon Star Defensive Tackle **Jonathan Babineaux is one of my clients these past several years!

Jonathan is co-hosting a free football camp on June 12 along with his teammate Chauncey Davis and former Baltimore Ravens Daniel Wilcox.

If you have kids or know teens who qualify and interested in participating in this FREE football camp hosted by 3 NFL players, please see the attached for more information on how to register asap! There only 150 spots left open!

*(Please note: I have nothing to do with registration)*

Have fun! Thanks, Cherry*
Cherry Bañez
cherrypublicity LLC

Rapper 50 Cent recently went on a starvation diet for a film role. That's his story, and he's sticking to it...

Swiped from Crunk Juice

50 Cent was able to reduce his 214 pounds frame down to a gaunt 160 pounds for a MOVIE role by going on an all liquid diet and taking daily three-hour-a-day walks on a TREADMILL for nine weeks. In his upcoming film Things Fall Apart the G-Unit general will portray a football player stricken with cancer.

The disconnect I feel from his rap persona by just looking at these pictures is crazy. I’m looking forward to watching his PERFORMANCE when the film drops to see if that same feeling is translated on screen. Check out more flicks over at the RAP RADAR mansion.

This movie will go straight to DVD like all his other movies.

As I told you on Monday, rapper Da Brat was out of prison on a weekend pass. And this is what she looks like now, um, the same as she did when she went in: bandana on her head, cap tilted to the side, and full of attitude.

Unlike rappers T.I. and Gucci Mane, Da Brat wasn't welcomed home with fanfare and private dinner parties.

As you know, Da Brat was sent up the river for assaulting a cocktail waitress with a liquor bottle at JD's now defunct nightclub in Decatur two years ago. Brat is finishing up a 3-year prison sentence.

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They say blood is thicker than water, unless money and greed are thrown into the mix.

16 year old twins Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead are currently being held without bond at regional youth detention centers on charges of murdering their own mother.

Police say Jarmecca “Nikki” Whitehead's body was found by her daughters as they arrived home from school on Wednesday (Jan. 13). The 34-year-old beautician (pictured right) had been brutally stabbed and beaten and left to bleed to death in her Conyers home.

At the time, police announced they were seeking "persons of interest" in the slaying. Police assumed right from the start that Whitehead knew her killer(s).

After further analyzing forensic data taken from the crime scene, the twins were arrested on Friday (May 21) and charged with their mother's death. One teen was arrested at a relative’s home in Clarkston, the other was arrested at Tucker High School.

They are being held without bond and kept apart to prevent them from comparing notes. One teen is at the Rockdale Youth Detention Center, while the other is at the Gwinnett YDC.

Both girls will be charged as adults. Whitehead's boyfriend of 10 years, Robert Head, said he wasn't surprised the girls were charged. Head speculates the two bad seeds were coerced into slaying their mother by family members who were out for money.

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