Rapper 50 Cent recently went on a starvation diet for a film role. That's his story, and he's sticking to it...

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50 Cent was able to reduce his 214 pounds frame down to a gaunt 160 pounds for a MOVIE role by going on an all liquid diet and taking daily three-hour-a-day walks on a TREADMILL for nine weeks. In his upcoming film Things Fall Apart the G-Unit general will portray a football player stricken with cancer.

The disconnect I feel from his rap persona by just looking at these pictures is crazy. I’m looking forward to watching his PERFORMANCE when the film drops to see if that same feeling is translated on screen. Check out more flicks over at the RAP RADAR mansion.

This movie will go straight to DVD like all his other movies.

As I told you on Monday, rapper Da Brat was out of prison on a weekend pass. And this is what she looks like now, um, the same as she did when she went in: bandana on her head, cap tilted to the side, and full of attitude.

Unlike rappers T.I. and Gucci Mane, Da Brat wasn't welcomed home with fanfare and private dinner parties.

As you know, Da Brat was sent up the river for assaulting a cocktail waitress with a liquor bottle at JD's now defunct nightclub in Decatur two years ago. Brat is finishing up a 3-year prison sentence.

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They say blood is thicker than water, unless money and greed are thrown into the mix.

16 year old twins Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead are currently being held without bond at regional youth detention centers on charges of murdering their own mother.

Police say Jarmecca “Nikki” Whitehead's body was found by her daughters as they arrived home from school on Wednesday (Jan. 13). The 34-year-old beautician (pictured right) had been brutally stabbed and beaten and left to bleed to death in her Conyers home.

At the time, police announced they were seeking "persons of interest" in the slaying. Police assumed right from the start that Whitehead knew her killer(s).

After further analyzing forensic data taken from the crime scene, the twins were arrested on Friday (May 21) and charged with their mother's death. One teen was arrested at a relative’s home in Clarkston, the other was arrested at Tucker High School.

They are being held without bond and kept apart to prevent them from comparing notes. One teen is at the Rockdale Youth Detention Center, while the other is at the Gwinnett YDC.

Both girls will be charged as adults. Whitehead's boyfriend of 10 years, Robert Head, said he wasn't surprised the girls were charged. Head speculates the two bad seeds were coerced into slaying their mother by family members who were out for money.

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Singer Alicia Keys and her longtime beau producer Swizz Beaks denied rampant (and ridiculous) pregnancy rumors when they were spotted arriving back at their London Hotel after AK's gig at the O2 Arena in London last night.

Alicia is far from stupid. Why would she have a baby by Beaks and he can't be trusted around other females with loose values like herself? Alicia is currently on tour in Europe.

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According to the NY Post, Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn stripper who got knocked up by him during a chance encounter at the Super Bowl, and now she claims he dumped her.

Silvia Mena, 25, tearfully told a NY Post reporter that she hasn't heard from Haynesworth since late March when she told him she was pregnant with his child.

Mena is naturally suing Haynesworth for $10 million -- 10% of his $100 million contract with the Redskins.

Mena, who is four months pregnant, says her demands for cash to support her newly acquired taste for the finer things in life were refused by Haynesworth. And she says her medical bills related to the unborn child have gone unpaid since she can no longer strip to support herself.

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According to In Touch magazine (via the NY Post), rapper Common and tennis superstar Serena Williams have gone their separate ways after two years.

I'm surprised their relationship lasted as long as it did after rumors floated around the industry about their loud fights sparked by her insecurities.

Thank God no children came out of this union.

Could there be off-court drama for Serena Williams? According to In Touch magazine, Williams and rapper/actor Common have split after two years of courtship. The celeb weekly quotes a source saying the two "just grew apart." They appeared together at the April premiere of the romantic comedy "Date Night" in New York, but Common attended the May 4 premiere of his new movie, "Just Wright," with his mother. A rep for Williams had no comment, and reps for Common didn't get back to us. Source

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Violent clashes between heavily armed supporters of an alleged drug lord/gang leader and police forces has left 60 people dead in two parishes of Kingston, Jamaica.

The capitol is under a state of emergency after rumors spread last week that the government signed an extradition request from the US for drug lord Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, 41.

Coke, who is still at large, is wanted by the US for a multitude of cocaine trafficking and gun running charges. He is alleged to be the leader of a powerful politically-affiliated gang in Kingston. It is those gang members who are risking their lives to prevent his extradition to the US.

Gang members have used tree branches, old cars and refrigerators as barricades to seal off Mr Coke’s hideout in Tivoli Gardens, where he has developed a loyal following among slum-dwellers by offering money, jobs, education and security [link].

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In two days, rapper T.I. has released back to back singles off his upcoming King Uncaged CD on his website TrapMuzik.com.

Today, he dropped an R&B joint titled "Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson.

On this track, T.I. flexes his impressive R&B pipes, singing about the envious tricks who hate on his lil mama, Tiny:

Through all of my good days and all of my bad
You stood by yo' man
Let me know you got my back
Worth every car, every bag
With me, they want to be that
I know what I got at home
I ain't gon' never leave dat
Them bitches best belee dat

[audio: TI_Got-Your-Back.mp3]

Source: TrapMuzik.com

Loyal reader Marteeta C. writes:

Please pass this on to your readers.
These ladies are not wearing butt pads they have on Magic Body Suits the girdle that makes you lose 3 sizes in 10 minutes. (it's like a workout trying to get into one) Trina had on one too in the picture with Missy.

Question: Am I the only one who doesn't see the difference in the before and after body shapes in this video?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement.

Yesterday, convicted woman beater Chris Brown took to his Twitter page to defend himself against criticism aimed at his self-released music videos.

This comes on the heels of confidential information I received yesterday from someone close to Brown's camp who called to say Chris Brown is like a "runaway train" whose people have all but abandoned him.

The source said half of CB's entourage, including bodyguards, have been fired or laid off due to brown's cash flow problems.

I bet Chris Brown won't admit that on Twitter.com.

"Everyone has abandoned him, including key people at his record label," said the source, who asked to remain anonymous.

"He's pretty much making career decisions on his own. He's like a runaway train and nobody wants to get run over, so they're backing away from him. At some point, attorneys will drop a client if they know that client just won't listen."

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Pop icon Janet Jackson was spotted signing autographs while wearing a house robe outside her London hotel last week. She looks great in anything she wears! Janet's hair is not full enough in the front for bangs though.

Pop singer Justin Timberlake is the newest customer of Louis Stewart. As you know, Mr. Stewart is quietly taking over the luxury handbag market after leaving his position at Louis Vuitton. Timberlake was spotted rocking his brand new snow white Louis Stewart Backpack to the set of his latest video with Pharrell Williams and The Game. Prices for custom made-to-order Louis Stewart backpacks start at $2,500.

Photo: INF DAILY and LouisStewartCollection

Pseudo-singer Ciara was spotted out & about shopping with her new boyfriend at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills yesterday. Where have I seen him before? You know these industry chicks pass men around between them like candy. If that's Ciara's Jeep in the background, that is not a good sign. It means the dude doesn't have his own car.

Or maybe he's one of those weak brothas who prefer aggressive women like Ciara to control him and drive him everywhere. I wouldn't put it past Ciara to have a broke ni**a with no job or even a bank account. To women like Ciara, appearances are everything. As long as he looks better than the last man she was with, she's happy.

We know he's her new boyfriend because her people said so when they called the paparazzi to tell them where she would be. Maybe now CiCi's Stans will believe me when I say Ci and 50 Cent are ancient history. Photo: The Media Circiut/INFphoto.com

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