Someone named Dawnie B. had a birthday party at Talay’s in NYC last night. The guest list included notable celebs such as troubled rapper Fabolous and actors Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba pictured above. Dawnie must be somebody in her little corner of the world to draw this caliber of talent. I wonder who she is.

Actress Taraji P. Henson, left, posed with a guest whose name shall not be spoken on this blog unless it’s connected to a scandal.

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When I read the headline on that a man was executed by firing squad toay, I naturally assumed that the execution took place in a foreign country. I was wrong.

According to CNN, the Utah Dept. of Corrections reports that convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by firing squad early this morning. Firing squad? I’m all for capital punishment for ruthless murderers, but how barbaric is that? They don’t play in Utah! I’m guessing the crime rate is real low there.

Gardner is the third man killed by firing squad in Utah since capital punishment was reinstated there in 1976.

Gardner was convicted and sentenced to death for gunning down an attorney during a botched escape attempt from a courthouse in 1985. Someone slipped Gardner the gun prior to his court appearance where he was on trial for murdering a man in 1984.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert rejected Gardner’s appeals for a commutation of his sentence to life. And the Supreme court sealed his fate by rejecting a stay of execution on Thursday.

Here are the gruesome details of the execution:

A hood was placed over Gardner’s head and a paper target pinned to his chest. He was heavily restrained as a five-person firing squad took aim at the target and shot him, witnesses said.

Journalists who witnessed the shooting said it happend quickly. One reporter said she noticed that Gardner moved after he was shot.
“It was over pretty quickly,” said Cheryl Worsley, a local radio reporter. “It was cleaner than I expected. It was fast. But he moved. He moved a little bit, and to some degree that bothers me.”

I bet rapper Lil Boosie is glad he didn’t commit his crimes in Utah. Yesterday, a Louisiana Grand Jury indicted Lil Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch, on a murder charge in connection with the Oct. 21 shooting death of Terry Boyd.

Pseudo-singer Ciara was spotted shopping at Intermix yesterday in West Hollywood, California. She shopped with her dog and they both looked very lonely. That’s what happens when you’re mean and can’t keep any friends.

Singer Omarion, right, and he whose name shall not be spoken, were seen entering the Staples center for thaat boring Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the LA Cry Babies.

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Remember back in the day when little Dondria made a video ordering her Stans to come after me because she didn’t like what I wrote about her? The kids were so rude and disruptive that I had to close my registration down. Well, for that reason alone I shouldn’t be making this post.

But the Lord moved my heart to forgive Dondria plus the fact that she must now suck up because she needs my exposure. Dondria later removed the video from her YouTube channel. But she has yet to apologize for throwing that tantrum.

So So Def’s R&B singer Dondria shot her music video for her second single “Shawty Wus Up” in Atlanta yesterday with rapper Diamond (another disrespectful young’un); singer/songwriter Johnta Austin and music mogul Devyne Stephens.

The low-budget video was directed by G.Visuals and the video’s concept is a spin-off of the classic New Edition video “If It Isn’t Love.” Dondria’s long-delayed debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat hits stores August 3.

Shout out: Saptosa Foster | The 135th Street Agency

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I already know the unfortunate answer to my own question. Some of you will make excuses (the angle of the sun, makeup, etcetera).

But the reality is that she’s bleaching. Studies have shown that skin bleaching can be detrimental to our health and can even led to skin disorders including skin cancer.

It really is a shame that Bobbi Kristina feels the media driven pressure to be light skinned with long hair. Any LSLH chick will tell you that life for them is not a bed of roses.

She was such a beautiful little brown skin baby.

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Is too late in the afternoon for some Morning Wood? Yes, I know I spelled ‘Sexxy’ with two X’s. But Sammie looks so good in this video that I thought the double x was appropriate.

Sammie’s people sent over this cover for his upcoming project “It’s Just a Mixtape” to be released next Tuesday, June 22, 2010. The mixtape will feature all new songs and no remakes to give listeners timeless music from an underrated artist.

But the cover pales in comparison to the video promo for the project. The former child star is seen doing push ups, flexing his biceps and making the ladies feverish!

Peep the video after the break!

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Gawjus rapper Nelly hosted the Key Club industry party at the Gold Room this past Monday. Other celebs in the house included JD, rapper Talib Kweli (LOVE him!), producers Bryan Michael Cox and DJ Toomp, and others

Gawjus singer Kelly Rowland attended a private listening event for her self titled album at Hudson Hall in NYC yesterday. I hope this album finally puts her in the forefront of American music or she might have to go on back to London where she is worshipped.

Star power in the room included Star Jones, left, and Motown Records’ president Sylvia Rhone, right.

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Former singer turned DJ Solange Knowles and her man were spotted out & about somewhere this week. Solange is one of those women who should never go without makeup. I see she’s still wearing that awful afro wig. I had a contentious email exchange with a woman who was offended that I complimented Kelis’ short hair cut but I dissed Solange’s short bush. I argued that Kelis’ hair was neatly coiffed, while Solange’s short hair cut was a complete mess. Wearing our hair ‘natural’ does not mean keeping it unkempt or never running a comb through it. This is 2010. Why does she look like a cave woman in distress?
Photo source: SJB

After pics of a bloated Whitney Houston hit the net last week, she has kept a low profile. The pics were actually taken last month. Her sudden weight gain may have been the result of powerful steroids to combat a respiratory or autoimmune problem (I’m speculating). Whitney seems to be losing some of that weight in these pics that were taken yesterday as Whitney was leaving her hotel for her Manchester concert in England.

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Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton caused a storm of controversy when he posted an under-the-skirt photo of singer Miley Cyrus, who may or may not have been wearing underwear.

After catching major heat from readers and sponsors alike, Perez issued a semi-apology. Still, ABC pulled ads from his popular blog, and law enforcement may be considering child porn charges against the blogger.

Now comes word that Perez might have faked the picture — which is even worse than if the photo were real. Who fakes photos of teenagers without panties on? And what does this mean for Perez’s career as a top celebrity blogger?

Joy Behar discussed the scandal with PopEater’s Rob Shuter on her show, where Shuter explained that the photo was indeed faked.

“He made that up?” Behar asked. “He made it up,” Shuter replied. They then talked about the implications it may have for Perez’s career. Read more…

This Morning Glory post is for the ladies (more on that in a sec). I first met La’Shontae Heckard at Ne-Yo’s Midnight breakfast & cocktails party at his studio following the BET Hip Hop Awards back in 2007. At the time, everyone in the room assumed she was his girlfriend — and Ne-Yo did everything to convince us that she was.

Now that I know that Tae is a confirmed lesbun, I am more convinced than ever that Ne-Yo is How U doin? Why don’t these industry men just come out of the closet since the door is wide open anyway?

Tae got her start as a video vixen starring in music videos such as Ne-Yo’s “Do U” and “Because of You”, as well as Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” video. She also had a recurring role on TV’s “The Game.”

Some pics may not be suitable for work…

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Normally I post my Best Photoshopped Photos at the end of the year. But while browsing through my archives this week, I realized that I missed 2009. I don’t know how that happened — and nobody reminded me.

My Photoshopping of artists together began as a way of illustrating my posts — and because I couldn’t find decent photos of those artists online. Now it has become sort of a game for my readers to guess which photos are fake. Several of my sharp eyes readers guessed that the above pic of Common and Erykah Badu wasn’t what it seemed. I made that one easy for you guys.

No one guessed that this pic of R&B crooners Usher and Jimmy Cozier at a party in New York was fake.

Everyone guessed that this pic of pop singer Rihanna and Teh Ghey rapper Drake wasn’t the real mccoy. Lol.

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At least a decade late, and long ago forgotten, aging rappers Dr. Dre and Jay Z finally release that “epic” single. I’m going to let my blog brethren Byron Crawford say it since he listened to the track and I didn’t:

I guess it makes sense that if Jay-Z can’t write good raps for himself anymore, he can’t write good raps for anyone else.

The production is crap, too. Jimmy Iovine must have told Dr. Dre that if he wanted to sell any albums in 2K10, he had to make it all teh ghey and futuristic-sounding. Maybe techno-style synthesizers sound especially good in Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

If only he really had looped up the Queen and David Bowie record.

My old friend and former colleague eskay has it streaming. It’s got some dreaded n-word screaming over it, but there wasn’t much enjoyment to ruin in the first place.

LISTEN: Dr. Dre feat. Jay-Z – Under Pressure [Nah Right]

The day after US president Barack Obama addressed the nation on the BP oil disaster in the Gulf, his approval ratings fell to a new low:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 24% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20…

Overall, 42% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. That’s the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this president. Fifty-seven percent (57%) now disapprove. Those are the lowest ratings yet recorded for this president. Read more…

Could these numbers foreshadow the swiftest public fall from grace of any sitting U.S. president in history?

A friend owes me $1,000! I bet him that Drake’s debut CD would not go gold in the first week. Now he won’t answer his phone! LOL.

Despite wishful thinking on the part of incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne who predicted Drake would go platinum in the first week, Drake’s ‘Thanks Me Later’ won’t even be the third best selling CD in 1st week sales:

You can Thank him now, or Thank him Later, but the record industry should show its gratitude somehow because Drake’s new album is the first blockbuster of the summer, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
The half-Jewish Toronto hip-hop star who got his start in the teen TV cult hit Degrassi: The Next Generation, goes to the head of the class this week on his Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown debut, Thank Me Later, with first-week sales in the 450-475k range, making it a lock for #1.

Based on one-day sales reports from those retailers still blowing their own vuvezelas, that would be the third highest-total this year to Sade (501k) and Lady Antebellum (481k). Read more…