For those who don't know: "blather" means to ramble on endlessly without saying much at all. That pretty much sums up the cast that Shaunie O'Neal and her producers assembled for the Basketball Wives spin-off, Basketball Wives Los Angeles.

The season premiere aired last night and quickly became the subject of scorn, ridicule and contempt on Of course, minutes after they meet, a fight breaks out inside -- where else -- a nice restaurant. Nothing we didn't expect from the original BBW.

The "extras" who are dining behind the chicks don't even turn around to see what is going on -- just like in the original BBW.

If Shaunie was going to hand these ladies the same script that she gave to the original Miami crew, she should have at least called it Basketball Wives part 2.

As mentioned before, BBW LA follows the same ghetto script as the original: pointless fighting, pointless arguing weave snatching, and mindless shopping sprees where they spend money that we don't actually see. The only thing we didn't see last night was water tossing, but that's coming soon.

Just like in the original, this spin-off targets women who believe pretty much everything they see on TV (and on the blogs). Let's pretend that we really believe Gloria Govan, fiancee of Matt Barnes, met cast member Draya Michelle (Chris Brown's ex) in an acting class. :rolleyes:

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According to industry estimates, Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter IV is on pace to sell 700,000 – 850,000 units its first week in stores. Tha Carter IV will trounce 1st week sales of Jay Z and Kanye's The Throne and Beyonce's 4, and will place 2nd only to Lady Gaga for the most albums sold in a week this year.

This figure will likely stand despite the fact that Wayne has no official top 10 hits off this truly awful album. This brings to mind a form of expression frequently used by the moneyed set to describe mass consumption of worthless consumer products: "there is no accounting for good taste."

Source: TLF

Another one of U.S. President Barack Obama's family members has proven to be an embarrassment to the Obama administration.

Obama's long-lost "Uncle Omar," whom he mentioned in his best-selling book Dreams from My Father, was arrested in Massachusetts for drunk driving on August 24.

Police say Onyango Obama, 67, the half-brother of Obama's father, was handcuffed outside the Chicken Bone Saloon in Framingham, Massachusetts, at 7.10pm, after rolling through a stop sign and nearly crashing his Mitsubishi 4x4 into a patrol car.

In his police report, the arresting officer noted "slurred speech" and a strong odor of alcohol on Mr. Obama's breath.

Officer Val Krishtal said Uncle Omar was defiant, and repeatedly interrupted the officer telling him his version of the events were "inaccurate."

"I explained to him that I narrowly avoided striking his vehicle, and he told me that he did not hear my tires screeching," officer Krishtal wrote in the report.

After being booked at the police station and told he could have one phone call to make bail, Uncle Omar said, "I think I will call the White House."

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Ciara, 25, was spotted shopping with a friend on Roberston Blvd. in Beverly Hills Saturday-- the day before she attended Lil Wayne's Record Release Party for "Tha Carter IV" in Los Angeles. My spies tell me that Ciara didn't arrive alone. It's good to see she got over her recent split up with NBA star Amar'e Stoudemire, who went back to his baby mama.

Rapster Nicki Minaj, 29, also attended the Lil Wayne Record Release Party last night in Los Angeles. Of course she looked like a fool. The only thing missing is the Barbie box she was packaged in.

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"Beyoncé Pregnant" blares the headline on Monday's New York Post front page. Wasn't Beyoncé just in New York 10 days ago performing 4 concerts? Only in America can a woman be 4 months pregnant in 10 days.

The NY Post didn't notice she was pregnant then? I guess it's a slow day for the NY media today after overhyping the little gusts of wind and rain that was "Hurricane" Irene over the weekend. Lol. :lol:

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After Chris Brown's less-than-stellar performance at last night's MTV VMAs, everyone stood up and applauded -- except for Jay Z.

According to, everyone from Kanye to Bieber stood up and cheered for CB. But Jay-Z, Amber Rose and most of the White people in the room stayed in their seats.

It was a stunning and powerful statement of their disapproval of Chris Brown.

Not everyone in Hollywood is willing to accept Brown back into the fold. Not just because of his immature actions in 2009, but for his behavior in the years afterwards as well.

Jay is the man who discovered Rihanna -- and he still considers her a little sister. So, it was clear that Jay Z still isn't willing to forgive and forget what happened when CB beat Rihanna down in 2009.

Kudos to Jay Z for being a REAL MAN and standing up for a woman, even though she doesn't respect herself.

Actor/comedian Jamie Foxx, 43, took his youngest daughter to the Elite 24 (Boost Mobile) basketball game in Venice Beach, CA Saturday. Foxx has never publicly claimed this child so we don't know her name. He also has a 17-year-old daughter from a previous relationship named Corinne Bishop.

R&B singer Trey Songz surprised a fan by inviting her onstage during his performance at the Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa last night. Good for him. But it's a shame that these grown black men can't pull their pants up and show respect even in the Motherland.

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