Director Gina Prince-Bythewood arriving at the Toronto premiere with her husband Reggie Rock Bythewood and their kids.  Photo:

Remember that joke I made about the classy director Gina Prince-Bythewood arriving at the LA premiere of her movie "The Secret Life of Bees" with young actor Tristan Wilds on her arm? Well Gina didn't like it. Apparently the joke went over her head.

Gina responded by calling me names and such. Can you believe it?

Of course I knew she didn't attend the premiere with Tristan. Everyone knows the popular director is married with children. Like most of you, I loved Gina's movies. Oh well, she just lost a fan. :(

Here's what she wrote:

Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 13:04
Subject: gina prince-bythewood

some idiots with a computer have no shame. i did arrive on the arm of an attractive black man, and that would be my husband. And then i took photos with all my cast. i guess i must be dating dakota, too. get your shit straight.


Alicia Keys was spotted leaving the GUCCI NY store yesterday looking rather sexy in her gray and black outfit combined with a pair of classic Christian Louboutin black suede lace up boots. This is the same pair made famous by Naomi Campbell and Janet Jackson.

I'm not an Alicia Keys fan, but I have to give her her props for pulling off this look! Sexy!

Thanks to loyal reader Pilar for sending in this pic of the latest addition to her friend's fabulous shoe collection. The Christian Louboutin Tsunami's are sold exclusively at the Christian Louboutin Beverly Hills and NY stores. Unfortunately the Tsunami's are sold out everywhere, but you might be able to find them on eBay if you're lucky. The shoes retailed for $2795. Pilar also sent a message to the Desperate Gold Diggers of Atlanta. She said: "Step your shoe game up bishes!"

The word is out that singer Usher and his pregnant wife Tameka Foster Raymond have separated. In fact they no longer live in the same house. Some of you may notice Tameka and Usher have not been photographed together in a minute.

According to my very credible source, Usher and Tameka, who is 6 months pregnant, broke up months ago. It took a lot of convincing for me to believe the break up -- despite the fact that my source is the same one who gave me the scoop that Tameka was pregnant with Usher's first child.

But apparently the break up is real. The reason Tameka hasn't written a book or gone to the media yet is because -- according to my source -- Tameka is "keeping hope alive" that Usher will come back to her.

Also, according to my source, the couple will not seek a divorce because it would reflect badly on his image. This could be the reason why Usher went crawling back to his mom-manager.

Usher was a guest of honor at Tyler Perry's Grand Opening on Saturday night. Despite the fact that Tyler posted a message on his website yesterday claiming Usher was there -- he wasn't.

Tameka, who had good reason to believe Usher would be there, showed up hoping to get her picture taken with him.

She looked pitiful walking the red carpet solo -- her sadness hidden behind a forced smile.

Usher didn't show up the next day for Sunday brunch at Tyler Perry's house either because he thought Tameka would be there.

In the meantime, Usher is busy sowing his seed all over the world. He was spotted leaving a hotel in Paris with an unidentified woman. And paparazzi snapped photos of a jump off kissing baby Usher Raymond V while on an outing with Usher in a park in L.A.

I am not feeling Toni Braxton's make up in these pics. She looks like she let her son apply her make up before leaving to have dinner with friends at Mr. Chows. She's beautiful on Dancing With the Stars, but pancake foundation is not a good look. And the surgical scar is not the business either. But that leather top goes well with her peep toe sandals so she gets points for that!
Photo: Splash News Online

Even though he injured his left arm, Sean Diddy Combs will still be lifting bottles of Ciroc and Patron tomorrow night when he hosts ladies night at the Velvet Room in Tucker. Ladies free all night. I'm not mad at Sean for those cute throw back sneaks.

Angelina Jolie-Pitt spent the day with adopted sons Maddox and Pax at the 9th Ward housing development in New Orleans, LA yesterday. Brad and Angie are building 90 new homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina. I love Pax. He has so much personality unlike his brother Maddox.

Michelle Williams rode up to the M Lounge launch party on a customized motorcycle last night. For the 1000th time she told paps that Destiny's Child will not get back together. Deal with it and move on Stans! She didn't say that last line -- that was mine. :)
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Nick Cannon's dutiful wife Mariah Carey watches over him as he DJs at his birthday party at PURE nightclub last night.
Photo: Splash News Online

I read a story over on that touches on Sen. Barack Obama's plan to win the election by quietly excluding blacks from his campaign.

When Obama announced his candidacy, I was happy that a bi-racial man was running for president. When he won the Democratic nomination, I was elated. But then I noticed Obama seemed to be avoiding large crowds of black people.

My suspicions were realized when his spokesman confirmed he was not targeting blacks with national ads.

The article points out that regional radio and television ads directed at black voters aren't released to the media. Likewise, Obama's targeted outreach has produced very little images of Obama addressing black crowds or mingling with black officials.

"If you didn't notice it, then you probably weren't the target," said Obama spokesman Corey Ealons of the targeted advertising.

"What he has done is he's shunned black voters - but he knows that they know that he's black. And he knows that they know in our communities we have a certain feeling that he's got to do that to get those white votes," said Kevin Wardally, a New York City political consultant who worked for Hillary Clinton.

So in other words, if Barack doesn't align himself with black people, whites will somehow forget he's black? If a bi-racial man can't run for president without ignoring his core base, what does that say about race relations in this country?

That kind of thinking -- that Obama has to ignore black people to win the presidency -- is inherently racist.

You won't see pictures like this in the mainstream media. member HunE916 asked me to post photos of Obama interacting with non-blacks. I declined because I would rather post pics of Obama interacting with his own people, but those photos are hard to find. I scrolled through hundreds of photos on various news sites just to find these few. You won't see these photos in the mainstream media. So I hope you enjoy.

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The name of the game is controversy and last night's premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo delivered that.

While watching the show, I felt embarrassed, uncomfortable, and sad for those ladies who need material things to validate their existence.

For those of you who don't live in Atlanta -- the Hot Mess Housewives of Atlanta are not real and they don't represent the Atlanta that I know.

Yesterday, I spent the evening with a millionaire. I've known this guy for many years. It just so happened that 3 of his employees pulled up in their cars. They drove a Range Rover and two Mercedes Benz's. All three of those cars once belonged to the millionaire. Now those cars belong to his employees.

If you met him you would never know he was rich. And that's my point.

The really wealthy residents of Atlanta don't feel the need to broadcast their wealth or material things like those desperate, pitiful housewives of Atlanta who act like they're not used to having anything.

Yes, Atlanta is full of desperate Gold diggers like Sheree, Lisa, DeShawn, Kim and NeNe -- and the men who love them. Women who feel the need to floss material things do so to make up for what they lack in personality and self esteem.

I'm told that Sheree Whitfield has no money. She lost her clothing boutique through mismanagement of funds. That $5,000 handbag you saw her buy last night was actually borrowed.

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Last weekend Tyler Perry was the victor, but now he is back to playing the victim again. You know how divas always want you to feel sorry for them even when they have it all?

Well, Tyler posted this note on his site today:

Hello there,

I had to write you today. You know that I'm not a man that deals in negativity, but when I'm being attacked I have to let you know.

Something is going on right now that I have to tell you about, but not today. I'll tell you about it in a couple of days.

Tyler has incurred the wrath of the Writer's Guild of America for firing four of its members who had the audacity to ask for a raise.

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Esquire magazine has named 42-year-old Halle Berry the Sexiest Woman Alive. How did that happen? Have they seen her most recent pics with her pot belly? I mean she's beautiful and all, but sexiest woman alive? I don't think so. Nia Long is much prettier and her shape is on point. Too bad Halle couldn't find a brotha to have a baby with. (Source)

OMG these pictures of actor Alimi Ballard and his family are beautiful!! It is so nice to see a black man so in love with his children. His wife is very lucky!

Actor Alimi Ballard and his picture perfect family are pictured: his wife Dawn,son Cairo,11 months,and his daughter named Naya Seray, 3.Alimi stars as FBI agent David Sinclair in the television program Numb3rs. He also portrayed Quizmaster Albert in the television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. (Source)