Antoine Ashley, one of the stars of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' has died of heart failure at age 27. Ashley competed on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' as Sahara Davenport.

THe Associated Press cites Ashley's manager, David Charpentier, who confirmed Ashley passed away on Monday at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md.

RuPaul tweeted that Ashley's death left him "heartbroken" and "shocked." Ashley was a classically trained dancer, and he released a dance single earlier this year titled, "Go Off".

Ashley is survived by his boyfriend of six years and his mother, Angela Ashley Reddish, who said, "our Angel is now dancing in heaven."

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  • There are two things that should never be discussed at the dinner table: politics and gay marriage. NBC's scripted series The New Normal covers all of that and more.

    In Tuesday's episode (which we can argue is nothing but a campaign vehicle for Obama), Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) threw a dinner party to prove to Nana (Ellen Barkin) that they have black friends. The idea for the dinner came up after Nana (whose family has always voted Republican) accused Bryan and David of being racist because they voted for Obama. Her reasoning was the gay couple voted for Obama because he was black, hence, they must be racist.

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    A Nashville drag queen who was convicted of felony theft in 2011 is suing for $20 million dollars after prison officials sent him to two women's prisons. Carla Brenner, who was born a man but dresses in women's clothing, claims he was sexually assaulted in the showers by female prisoners when they discovered he had male genitalia.

    "The big hair, the makeup, I am an entertainer -- a drag queen," said Brenner. "That basically means a man who enjoys dressing as a woman. It's not a woman. I have no intention on being a woman... never, ever have."

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    Bad girl Rihanna couldn't resist kissing a hot female on the lips outside her London hotel earlier today. Rihanna kissed the fan smack on the lips as her screaming fans looked on. Meanwhile, Rihanna's labelmate, singer Rita Ora, was on the other side of London busy promoting her new album Ora.

    But Rita is certainly wondering what was going through Rihanna's mind when she went on a secret rendezvous with Rita's alleged boyfriend, Rob Kardashian. Rihanna and Rob were spotted riding go karts together in Burbank, California over the weekend -- and later, Rob tweeted a photo of his name tatted on Rihanna's back.

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    A few parents fell out in the theater this past weekend when a gay character "came out" in the new children's film ParaNorman. One mom emailed me to get my readers thoughts on the movie industry introducing homosexuality into children's films.

    The movie's producers hope to create a dialog about same sex relationships between parents and their small children after viewing ParaNorman. My opinion is that small children, 5-7 years old, have no clue what their parents are talking about when they attempt to explain 2 boys getting it on. It makes no sense to me why grown folks continue to force adult sexual situations onto small children.

    Read the email after the break.

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    Just weeks after coming out of the closet, Anderson Cooper's boyfriend was caught kissing another man. The popular CNN anchor kicked open his closet door just days after singer/songwriter blazed the trail by coming out on his Tumblr page.

    Anderson must be devastated. But gay male relationships are known to be the most unstable because men were born to cheat (in my opinion). If you think it's hard to keep your man from straying in heterosexual relationships, imagine being a gay male and expecting your man not to be turned on by other hawt men.

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    Forcible rape of men outside of prison walls is a growing crime trend in the US.

    According to published reports, DaJuan Porter, 27, allegedly met men at nightclubs and followed them home, whereupon he broke into the homes and performed oral sex on the men while they slept.

    Porter seems to have a problem keeping his mouth off men's private parts unless invited to partake. He was arrested for similar crimes before. Last year, he was charged in Worcester County, Maryland, for sexually assaulting his sleeping cell mate in jail.

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    I blame Hip Hop for this. Yes, that's a female thug being hauled into a NY police station after she was arrested for a NY subway stabbing that left one man injured.

    According to Splash News, police arrested a pack of drunken young female thugs on the downtown No. 6 train after they stabbed a 63-year-old man who had the nerve to ask them to keep their noise down, police said. The man was on his way to work as a vendor near the World Trade Center at about 6:15 a.m., a law-enforcement source told The New York Post.

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    Certain undercover gays choose to stay in the warm comforts of their closets until they are forced out. That seems to be the case with Jennifer Lopez's dancer/boyfriend, Casper Smart.

    Last week, Casper was famously photographed going into a gay peep show above a sex toy shop in a seedy neighborhood in NYC. According to a drag queen who frequents the peep show to turn tricks, men go up to the 2nd floor where they discreetly insert their manhoods into holes in the wall to be "serviced" by other males.

    According to the drag queen, a tongue is a tongue, and men can't tell the difference between a female tongue and a male one.

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    A recent development has put a new twist on the Usher and Maxwell teh ghey rumors. As you know, crooners Usher and Maxwell have been the subjects of gay rumors for years.

    According to my very credible west coast connect, Maxwell recently broke up with his rumored male lover. I can't say any more than that because a child is involved (and the kid can read). But is it just a coincidence that Usher and Maxwell sat down for a private intimate dinner in New York last week?

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