Isn't it funny how "anonymous" readers seem to get so emotionally wrapped up in a post that has nothing to do with them? This is the third such email I've received today from readers defending "Jessica and her son" who I supposedly posted pics of in my post on Ne-Yo yesterday. For the record, I did not post any pics of the boy.

I know these emails are Jessica's doing. Why won't she just admit it's her?

Jessica (or someone close to her) writes:


I'm reading your post, and I think its extremely whack that you are posting pictures of Jessica and her son. Without having facts, Ne-yo knew from the beginning that the child wasn't his via the LA county courthouse from the moment he was concived. Also it clearly states Ne-Yo had adopted that lil boy, got famous and re-nigged thats why she took him to court because she had to legally. I think its unfair that ppl keep dogging her out, just because she didn't tell everybody. If you recall ne-yo put that statement out 1st saying someone was gonna lie on him.

Anyway I thought you might be interested in knowing that Ne-Yo's ex girl is doing her thing,.... I figured out she changed her name to Phoenix she's pretty and has new song out, I checked out her videos and she's seems to have some talent. I just downloaded it from her mixtape, called ChickMix. Its Free so I figured what the hell.

She damn sure looks better than the other chick he keeps having all those damn babies with.....

I saved some flicks from her Facebook and attached the song if you're interested.

I'm not interested. But here's the song in case some of you are:

Last night, while talking to a record label executive about another matter, the exec casually mentioned that R&B singer Keyshia Cole was back home in Atlanta after being chased out of her mini mansion by a stalker in 2009.

The exec went on to say that Cole abandoned her beloved home for the safety of the west coast to get away from her determined super Stan, who was eventually caught with a large cache of weapons and sent to prison.

"She's back in Atlanta checking on her house because he can't bother her any more," the executive told me.

Keyshia considered putting her custom built 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath Alpharetta home on the market in 2009 after a stranger followed her home one night. “I own a gun – a Glock... and I called the police and told them I’d kill him and that I prefer not to,” said Keyshia in a cover story for the June 2009 issue of KING magazine.

Keyshia paid $827,000 in June 2006 for the 5,447 square foot home located in a posh subdivision in Johns Creek. But the depressed housing market sparked by the failing economy sent home prices plummeting in her neighborhood. Homes on Keyshia's street are now selling in the low to mid 500K range.

More than 160 people are feared dead after a giant tsunami wave rolled across Japan sweeping homes, cars and debris with it early this morning as we slept. The victims include 100 passengers on a cruise ship that was swept away by the tsunami. Shocking images of the carnage dominated national and international headlines this morning.

The 33-foot tsunami wave reached Japan's shores hours after the sixth largest earthquake in history devastated Japan.

In the photo above, a small pleasure boat became trapped in the center of a gigantic vortex created by the tsunami. The boat went under water taking an unknown number of souls with it.

According to The Daily Mail, the Japanese declared a state of emergency at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima after the 8.9 quake caused the cooling system to fail. Massive fireballs caused by explosions at an oil refinery scorched the sky.

People fled for their lives as the tidal waves crashed ashore. Others saw their homes and cars float past them as the huge wave of muddy water and floating debris moved over the mainland.

The death toll in Japan is expected to rise into the thousands even as the first waves of the tsunami reached the shores of Hawaii and other islands in the pacific. Luxury hotels in Hawaii implemented "vertical evacuations", moving guests to higher floors to escape the muddy waters.

A tsunami is formed when an earthquake shifts the ocean floor hundreds of miles out in the ocean. The pressure from the shifting plates creates a ripple effect in the water that gathers strength as the giant waves roll out from the epicenter toward land.

A receding tide is usually the first sign of an approaching tsunami.

Photos by: AP, Getty Images, Reuters

The family of Asheley Jewell will hold a candlelight vigil for her this Saturday near the location where she was wounded in an apparent road rage incident on March 5.

Jewell, 15, was shot in the back of the head when the car she was traveling in was fired upon by someone in another vehicle on Old National Highway near Jerome Road. Asheley remains in critical condition in the ICU at Grady hospital.

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477.

The vigil will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday at O'Reilly Auto Parts, 5549 Old National Highway in College Park.

"The vigil is a step toward healing a family victimized by senseless violence," said Jewell's cousin, attorney Ebony Phillips. "It is also a call for justice in hopes that someone will come forward with invaluable information about this case. Although nothing can undo the events of March 5, 2011, the family is hopeful that justice will prevail."

Asheley is the daughter of Ashley "A.J." Jewell, who was briefly engaged to former Xscape singer Kandi Burruss. Jewell died in 2009 following a fight in the parking lot of a now defunct Atlanta strip club. Jewell called off his engagement to Burruss shortly before he died.

Photo provided to the AJC by the family

Four months after giving birth to a premature baby girl, local Atlanta Socialite Monyetta Shaw is expecting again.

This will be the second child for Shaw and R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, who are proud parents of Madilyn Grace Smith. Ne-Yo is hoping for a boy this time, according to a source close to Ne-Yo's camp.

You may recall that Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., was duped into believing a boy born in 2005 was his. But subsequent tests revealed the child was not his.

In an August 2010 interview with British tabloid The Sun, Ne-Yo said of Monyetta, "I have a friend. Not a girlfriend. She's carrying my child, but knows I can't commit. She doesn't mind other women."

As for Monyetta, she is living the high life after opening a high end clothing boutique in Buckhead last year with Ne-Yo's money. The boutique has yet to turn a profit. But Monyetta can often be seen steering her Maybach drop top around the Buckhead area with a baby car seat in the back. The luxury automobile has room for 5 additional baby car seats, and sources tell me that Monyetta isn't done dropping babies for Chimere.

Please remember where you read this first.

Images source: 1 and 2

Occasionally I publish emails from readers who offer opposing views to the ones I express here on about U.S. President Barack Obama and his policies. I publish these emails in the interest of fairness, not because I am in agreement with the opinions of the email author. So don't get it twisted.

Loyal reader Roz B. writes:

I respect your work as a blogger, but I have to ask: have you personally researched the Healthcare law, and all that it entails? It is obvious that you aren't a "fan" of President Obama, and even his most ardent supporters cannot co-sign everything he does, but this latest Healthcare issue does not mean that Obama doesn't care about people.

Look - whether we like it, one way or another, we are going to end up paying for somebody else's healthcare. The crux of the law is to give people some options other than the local emergency room to get care by a doctor instead of letting health issues just ferment. Is it perfect? Of course not! But the fact there are compromises that had to be made shows there are lots of improvements needed on both sides of the aisle. If you look closer, there is no simplistic, one-horse solution. Until Americans stop killing themselves with their addictions, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise and self-care, the price is high all-around.

Big insurance companies do not support the healthcare law, and yet folks earning low wages also don't: they are fearing death panels and having to deal with socialized medicine, items NOT in the healthcare law. A health insurance company makes its money off of premiums paid in, but denial of coverage going out. This law is trying in some way to hold these companies accountable and making an affordable option that you can have access to, whether you want it or not.

I have only gotten through about 400 pages of the new law, but from what I see, something to start with is better than nothing to begin with, right? Improvements can happen over time, but right now, there are bigger fish to fry. And I wouldn't be so skeptical of Republican opposition to the law if one of their own didn't have one almost exactly like it in his state - talking about Mitt Romney.

BTW - I do read your blog every day. Keep it up - we need voices out there!

Roz B.

By now you've heard the shocking news about the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl that has resulted in the arrests of 18 men and boys in a small Texas town.

The gang rape, and its aftermath, have stirred racial tensions in Cleveland, Texas, a town of 9,000 about 50 miles north of Houston.

The 18 suspects are all black and the girl is Hispanic.

"It's becoming a black and white issue because it happened over in the quarters. It's segregating our community again," said Brenda Myers, who runs the Community and Children's Impact Center in Cleveland, one of the few programs for Cleveland's youth. "The reaction is anger, devastation."

The sexual assaults took place on Nov. 18 after a 19-year-old man convinced the unidentified girl to take a ride with him and two of his friends. They eventually ended up in a dilapidated blue house on the outskirts of town. The men ordered the girl to disrobe. She later told police they threatened to have older girls beat her up if she didn't comply.

The men were later joined by other males from the neighborhood who got on their cell phones and invited their friends. When an adult relative of one of the males approached the house, the group, including the girl, fled out of a rear bedroom window. She left behind her bra and panties.

The group moved to a dingy, abandoned trailer where the sexual assaults continued. Police believe a total of 28 men and boys had sex with the girl.

Retiree Joe Harrison said he spotted the 11-year-old standing outside the abandoned trailer earlier that day. To him she looked older than her 11 years. She wore dark makeup and long hair. He later heard loud music blaring from the trailer. By then he thought the girl had been picked up by her mother.

Some of the suspects videotaped the assaults on their cell phones and shared the videos with friends at school. The gang rape was brought to the attention of police after the videos went viral.

The girl's mother, Maria, has seen her daughter only one time since Child Protective Services placed the girl with a foster family and restricted the family from even speaking to her.

Officials brought the girl to visit her mom when Maria was hospitalized recently with an illness.

"My daughter was crying and crying and hugging on me," Maria said. "She didn't want to leave. She misses her family and wants to come home."

Police suggested relocating the family to a different city due to death threats. Several of the suspects are star athletes at Cleveland High School. One of them is the son of a school board member. All are visible in the videos assaulting the girl.

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According to my sources inside rapper Diamond's camp, her new facial tattoo is just a lipstick tube.

Diamond's new tattoo caused hysteria across the Internet when she tweeted a pic of what appeared to be a bullet tattooed near her left ear earlier in the week. "It's just lipstick, not a bullet" said my source.

The source went on to say that Diamond, whose last big hit was "Rock Yo Hips", is not following in the footsteps of other mentally challenged rappers who disfigured their faces with large tattoos. "Diamond's tatt is covered by her hair weave," said the source. "It isn't visible to the public until she moves her hair out of the way."

The former Crime Mob member will turn 23 on May 20.

According to The Washington Post, Felicia Pearson, 30, who played "Snoop" on HBO's critically acclaimed TV series, 'The Wire', was among more than 30 people swept up in a large-scale heroin and marijuana drug sting.

Isn't it ironic that as soon as Da Brat comes out, Snoop goes in?

The sting operation involved multiple drug enforcement agencies resulting in drug busts all across the city of Baltimore and its surrounding counties.

Raids were carried out in the pre-dawn hours by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Baltimore police and a slew of other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, known for her drug-assassin character on "The Wire," was taken into custody at a downtown apartment on a state warrant, officials said.

The actress has a troubled past, having been convicted at age 14 of second-degree murder. More recently, she refused to testify as a witness at a murder trial and was arrested at her then-Northeast Baltimore home.

The arrests are part of a five-month drug investigation, officials said.

According to, the R&B singer Chris Brown has angered women's groups (again) by calling his abuse toward Rihanna a "mishap".

Brown says he is ready to stop apologizing for his violent attack on Rihanna two years ago and move on from the "mishap," but women's groups aren't ready to forgive and forget.

"I’m in a positive place," said Brown, who last week leaked a graphic pic of his peen to boost album sales.

"I consider myself a grown-ass man. And at the end of the day, if I walk around apologizing to everybody, I’m gonna look like a damn fool,” Brown told Page Six magazine.

But women's groups don't believe Brown is a changed man:

In the Page Six interview, in Thursday’s edition of the New York Post, the 21-year-old singer revealed how many of his showbiz pals turned their backs on him after the incident.

"But you can’t blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don’t want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap,” he said.

Erin Matson, Acting Vice President of the National Organization of Women is disgusted that Brown would use such a word to describe an attack that left his then-girlfriend with serious swelling and bruising, a split lip, bloody nose and bite marks on her arms and fingers.

"It was not a mishap, this was a serious act of violence. No woman who has been assaulted would refer to it as a mishap, nor should anyone refer to it as such," she told

"What I am most concerned about is people who are hearing him say that he's assaulted someone and that it's not a big deal.”

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do to keep his job -- especially if that man is the president of the United States.

It's too bad Barack Obama didn't see the writing on the wall when he signed his healthcare bill into law despite the widespread protests from millions of Americans who were against it.

With his job approval ratings hitting an all-time low in 2011 -- 46% -- Obama is feeling the pressure to correct his error in judgment by quietly approving waivers for customers of his rich insurance buddies so they don't have to participate in ObamaCare.

According to Hot Air, the entire state of Maine will be given waivers to exempt them from participating in ObamaCare -- that's 1,328,381 people.

Maine isn't alone, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Kentucky have requested waivers as well. That would add another 3,912,691 waivers to the growing list.

It seems that the same people who protested so vigorously against ObamaCare are now being issued waivers to opt out of participating in it.

You're probably asking yourself, 'why would Obama sign a health care bill into law and then allow millions of people in certain states to quietly opt out of it?'

Good question. But here's a better one: guess who's going to end up getting stuck with the massive fees for health insurance in the coming years? You get what you ask for.